Protest, Political & Social Commentary Songs

19th Nervous Breakdown Mick Jagger & Keith Richards .pdf format
99 Luftballoons Nena .pdf format
99 Red Ballooons (English version) Nena .pdf format
Across The Lines Tracy Chapman .pdf format
Advertising Space Robbie Williams .pdf format
After The Gold Rush Neil Young .pdf format
Alabama Neil Young .pdf format
All I Want (I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister, to the tune of "Greenback Dollar") Words by Jim Garland, Music by Hoyt Axton .pdf format
Any King's Shilling Elvis Costello .pdf format
Aquarius James Rado (Hair) .pdf format
At The Zoo segues from A Hazy Shade Of Winter Paul Simon (Simon & Garfunkel) .pdf format
Authority Song John Cougar Mellencamp .pdf format
Baby You're A Rich Man John Lennon & Paul McCartney .pdf format
Bad Moon Rising John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater Revival) .pdf format
The Battle Of Evermore Led Zeppelin .pdf format
Beds Are Burning Midnight Oil .pdf format
Big Yellow Taxi Joni Mitchell .pdf format
Biko Peter Gabriel .pdf format
Bitch Meredith Brooks .pdf format
Black And White Three Dog Night .pdf format
Bloody Well Right Supertramp .pdf format
Blowing In The Wind Bob Dylan .pdf format
Books Are Burning XTC .pdf format
But I Might Die Tonight Cat Stevens .pdf format
Cannons Of Christianity Phil Ochs .pdf format
The Cat's In The Cradle Harry Chapin .pdf format
Charlie And The M.T.A. Traditional / The Kingston Trio .pdf format
Conquistador Gary Brooker & Keith Reid (Procol Harem) .pdf format
The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill John Lennon & Paul McCartney .pdf format
Critic's Choice (needs chords) Robert Lamm (Chicago) .pdf format
The Cruel War Traditional / Peter, Paul & Mary .pdf format
Crystal Blue Persuasion Tommy James & The Shondells .pdf format
The Dangling Conversation Simon & Garfunkel .pdf format
Daniel Elton John & Bernie Taupin .pdf format
A Day In The Life John Lennon & Paul McCartney .pdf format
Day Is Done Peter, Paul & Mary .pdf format
Dear God XTC .pdf format
Dialogue Robert Lamm (Chicago) .pdf format
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Robert Lamm (Chicago) .pdf format
The Downeaster "Alexa" Billy Joel .pdf format
Draft Dodger Rag Phil Ochs .pdf format
Eleanor Rigby John Lennon & Paul McCartney .pdf format
Everyday People Sly & The Family Stone .pdf format
Excitable Boy Warren Zevon .pdf format
Excuse Me, Mr. Ben Harper .pdf format
Family Affair Sly & The Family Stone .pdf format
Father And Son Cat Stevens .pdf format
Father Christmas The Kinks .pdf format
Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag Country Joe MacDonald .pdf format
Find The Cost Of Freedom segues to Ohio Stephen Stills .pdf format
Fool On The Hill John Lennon & Paul McCartney .pdf format
For My Lover Tracy Chapman .pdf format
Fortunate Son John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater Revival) .pdf format
For What It's Worth Stephen Stills .pdf format
Fragile Sting .pdf format
Games Without Frontiers Peter Gabriel .pdf format
Get Together Chet Powers (Dino Valenti)/Youngbloods, Indigo Girls .pdf format
The Ghost Of Tom Joad Bruce Springsteen .pdf format
Give Peace A Chance John Lennon .pdf format
God Save The People Godspell/Stephen Schwarz .pdf format
God's Comic Elvis Costello .pdf format
Good Company Queen .pdf format
Goodnight, Saigon Billy Joel .pdf format
The Great Mandella (Wheel Of Life) Peter, Paul & Mary .pdf format
Hair James Rado (Hair) .pdf format
Happy Christmas (War Is Over) John Lennon .pdf format
A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall Bob Dylan .pdf format
Harry Truman Robert Lamm (Chicago) .pdf format
Heavy Horses Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) .pdf format
Here's To The State Of Mississippi Phil Ochs .pdf format
Here's To The State Of Richard Nixon Phil Ochs .pdf format
Hey, Nellie, Nellie Sam Brown .pdf format
Higher Ground Stevie Wonder .pdf format
Hobo's Lullaby Woody Guthrie .pdf format
I Ain't Marchin' Anymore Phil Ochs .pdf format
I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing New Seekers .pdf format
I'd Love To Change The World Alvin Lee (Ten Years After) .pdf format
(Tell Me Why) I Don't Like Mondays Bob Geldof (The Boomtown Rats) .pdf format
I'm Gonna Be An Engineer Peggy Seeger .pdf format
If I Had A Hammer Traditional .pdf format
If I Had A Rocket Launcher Bruce Cockburn .pdf format
If I Had My Way - see Samson & Delilah Rev. Gary Davis / Peter, Paul & Mary .pdf format
If I Were Free Jesse Winchester .pdf format
Innocent Child Mick Jones .pdf format
Instant Karma John Lennon .pdf format
It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) Michael Stipe/R.E.M. .pdf format
Jack And Diane John Cougar Mellencamp .pdf format
Janie's Got A Gun Aerosmith .pdf format
Jefferson And Liberty Traditional American .pdf format
Just A Girl No Doubt .pdf format
The Klan Traditional .pdf format
Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream Ed McCurdy .pdf format
Lather Jefferson Airplane .pdf format
Lay Down (Candles In The Rain) Melanie .pdf format
Le Deserteur Boris Vian / Peter, Paul & Mary .pdf format
Let Him Dangle Elvis Costello .pdf format
Let There Be Peace On Earth Jill Jackson & Sy Miller .pdf format
Like A Rolling Stone Bob Dylan .pdf format
Little Boxes Traditional .pdf format
Living On A Thin Line The Kinks .pdf format
Logical Song Supertramp .pdf format
Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma Melanie .pdf format
Lowdown Peter Cetera & Danny Seraphine (Chicago) .pdf format
Lucky Man Emerson, Lake & Palmer .pdf format
Luka Suzanne Vega .pdf format
Masters Of War Bob Dylan .pdf format
Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard Paul Simon .pdf format
The Men Behind The Guns Phil Ochs .pdf format
Mercedes Benz Janis Joplin .pdf format
Midnight Special Leadbelly .pdf format
The Moneygoround The Kinks .pdf format
Nebraska Bruce Springsteen .pdf format
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Robbie Robertson (The Band) .pdf format
Nikita Elton John & Bernie Taupin .pdf format
Not An Addict K's Choice .pdf format
(Nothing But) Flowers Talking Heads .pdf format
Oh, Freedom Traditional American .pdf format
segues from Find The Cost Of Freedom
Neil Young .pdf format
Old Man Neil Young .pdf format
Old Time Religion ("20 zillion verses" version) Traditional / new lyricists unknown .pdf format
One U2 .pdf format
One Love (People Get Ready) Bob Marley .pdf format
One Of Us Eric Bazilian / Joan Osborne .pdf format
One Tin Soldier Dennis Lambert & Brian Porter .pdf format
One Way Or Another Blondie .pdf format
Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends Phil Ochs .pdf format
Paradise Traditional .pdf format
Peace Frog The Doors .pdf format
Peace Train Cat Stevens .pdf format
People Get Ready (Curtis Mayfield original version) Curtis Mayfield .pdf format
People Get Ready (Eva Cassidy cover version) Curtis Mayfield / Eva Cassidy .pdf format
Pink Houses John Cougar Mellencamp .pdf format
Political Science Randy Newman .pdf format
Power And The Glory Phil Ochs .pdf format
Pride (In The Name Of Love) U2 .pdf format
Psycho Killer Talking Heads .pdf format
Radio Ga-Ga Queen .pdf format
Radio, Radio Elvis Costello .pdf format
Real Good For Free Joni Mitchell .pdf format
Revolution John Lennon & Paul McCartney .pdf format
The Riflemen's Song At Bennington Traditional American .pdf format
Right Here, Right Now Jesus Jones .pdf format
Roland, The Headless Thompson Gunner Warren Zevon .pdf format
Russians Sting .pdf format
Salvation The Cranberries .pdf format
Samson & Delilah - a.k.a. "If I Had My Way" Rev. Gary Davis / Peter, Paul & Mary .pdf format
Save The People Godspell/Stephen Schwarz .pdf format
Scarborough Fair/Canticle Simon & Garfunkel .pdf format
School Supertramp .pdf format
Shaking The Tree Peter Gabriel .pdf format
Shambala Three Dog Night .pdf format
Shipbuilding Elvis Costello .pdf format
Short People Randy Newman .pdf format
Signs The Five Man Electrical Band .pdf format
Sing A Mean Tune, Kid Robert Lamm (Chicago) .pdf format
Smells Like Teen Spirit Kurt Cobain .pdf format
Sound Of Silence Paul Simon (Simon & Garfunkel) .pdf format
Southern Man Neil Young .pdf format
Springhill Mine Disaster Luke Kelly .pdf format
Subterranean Homesick Blues Bob Dylan .pdf format
Success Has Made A Failure Of Our Home Sinead O'Connor .pdf format
Sunday, Bloody, Sunday U2 .pdf format
Sunny Came Home Shawn Colvin .pdf format
Sweet Home Alabama Ronnie Van Zant, Ed King & Gary Rossington (Lynyrd Skynyrd) .pdf format
Sympathy For The Devil The Rolling Stones .pdf format
Synchronicity I Sting .pdf format
Talkin' About A Revolution Tracy Chapman .pdf format
Teach Your Children Crosby, Stills & Nash .pdf format
That Was The President Phil Ochs .pdf format
That's The Way I Always Heard It Should Be Carly Simon .pdf format
There But For Fortune Phil Ochs .pdf format
This Land Is Your Land Woody Guthrie .pdf format
The Thresher Phil Ochs .pdf format
The Times They Are A-Changing Bob Dylan/Peter, Paul & Mary .pdf format
Tramp The Dirt Down Elvis Costello .pdf format
Turn The Page Bob Seger .pdf format
Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season) Phil Ochs .pdf format
Union Maid Woody Guthrie .pdf format
Universal Soldier Buffy Saint-Marie .pdf format
Veronica Elvis Costello .pdf format
Victoria The Kinks .pdf format
Walking In Your Footsteps Sting .pdf format
War Child The Cranberries .pdf format
The Wearing Of The Green Traditional Irish .pdf format
Welcome To The Black Parade My Chemical Romance .pdf format
A Well-Respected Man Ray Davies / The Kinks .pdf format
We Shall Overcome Zilpha Hort, Frank Hamilton, Guy Carawan & Pete Seeger .pdf format
What Have They Done To The Rain? Malvina Reynolds .pdf format
What I Am Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians .pdf format
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding Nick Lowe & Elvis Costello .pdf format
What's That I Hear? Phil Ochs .pdf format
What's Up? Linda Perry (4 Non-Blondes) .pdf format
When I'm Gone Phil Ochs .pdf format
Where Have All The Flowers Gone Traditional .pdf format
White Rabbit Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane) .pdf format
Wooden Ships David Crosby .pdf format
Woodstock Joni Mitchell / Crosby, Stills & Nash .pdf format
The Work Of The Weavers David Shaw .pdf format
Yes, We Can, Can Allen Toussaint / Pointer Sisters .pdf format
You Can't Always Get What You Want The Rolling Stones .pdf format
Zak And Sara Ben Folds .pdf format
Zombie The Cranberries .pdf format

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