Advertising Space

Words & Music:

Robbie Williams


My Austrian correspondent also had an incredible set of explanations that go with each verse and the song overall.  I still need to translate them into English before I add them to this post.


C  Em [3x]


C                                          G

There's no earthly way of knowing what was in your heart when it stopped going.

F                                C               G

The whole world shook, the storm was blowing through you.

C                                G

Waiting for God to stop this and up to your neck in darkness,

F                       C               G

Everyone around you was corrupted; say something.



Am                   Em                                Dm

Theres no dignity in death to sell the world your last breath.


They're still fighting over everything you left.  Oh...!



C                         Em                              Am

I saw you standing at the gates when Marlon Brando passed away.

             G              F

You had that look upon your face: "advertising space" and

C                          Em                               Am

No one learned from your mistakes; we let our profits go to waste.

           G           F

All that's left in any case is advertising space.  Oh...!


Through your eyes the world was burning.  Please be gentle, I'm still learning.

You seem to say that you kept turning up.

They poisoned you with compromise; at what point did you realize

Everybody loves your life but you?  Oh!  Oh!



Special agent for the man through Watergate and Vietnam

No one really gave a damn.  [Do you think...the CIA did...?]


CHORUS:  [then INSTRUMENTAL OVER:  C Em    C Em    C Em     Am G F]





C                                    Em

I've seen your daughter.  Man, she's cute!

Em                         Am            G                F

I was scared, but I wanted to.  Boy, she looks a lot like you.



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