Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Words & Music:



[basic riff for whole song]

Bm    D    G    [all arpeggiated]


Bm        D                G

I can't believe the news today.

Oh, I can't close my eyes and make it go away.

D          Em

How long?  How long must we sing this song?

D              Em

How long?  How long?

         [to riff]

'Cause tonight we can be as one, tonight!


Broken bottles under children's feet.

Bodies strewn across the dead-end street.

But, I won't heed the battle call,

It puts my back up against the wall.



Sunday, bloody Sunday!  Sunday, bloody Sunday!


And the battle's just begun.

There's many lost, but tell me who has won?

The trenches dug within our hearts.

And mother's children, brothers, sisters torn apart.




Wipe the tears from your eyes.  Wipe your tears away.

Wipe your bloodshot eyes...




And it's true we are immune when fact is fiction and T.V. is reality.

And today the millions cry; we eat and drink while tomorrow they die.

The real battle just begun to claim the victory Jesus won.




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