The Cannons Of Christianity

Words & Music:

Phil Ochs


          A                  D                                       A

Christian cannons have fired at my days with the warning beneath the holy blaze

Bm             G                 C                D

And bow to our authority Say the cannons of Christianity


Oh the children will be sent to schools.

Minds of clay are molded to their rules.

Learn to fear all of eternity warn the cannons of Christianity


Holy hands will count the money raised.

Like a king the Lord is richly praised

On a cross of diamond majesty say the cannons of Christianity


Missionaries will travel on crusades

The word is given, the heathen souls are saved

Conversions to our morality sigh the cannons of Christianity


Come the wars and turn the rules around

To bend your soul on the battleground

And the Lord will march beside me drone the cannons of Christianity


Cathedral walls will glitter with their gold

A the sermons speak through silver robes

Building castles amidst the poverty say the cannons of Christianity


Worship now and wash your sins away

Drop the coins, fall to your knees and pray

Cleanse the world of all hypocrisy smile the cannons of Christianity


Christian cannons have fired at my days

With the warning beneath the holy blaze

And bow to our authority say the cannons of Christianity



Notes from the official Phil Ochs Lyrics site:

"On to a tape I have, Phil, himself, says the chords are: D A D Bm G C D. Thanks to cody for matching them up to the lyrics.


There has been some debate about whether the word is "cannons" or "canons". In the War is Over song book, the former is used throughout and as the title.

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