A Well-Respected Man

Words & Music:

Ray Davies (The Kinks)


G         C       C/B    Am             C       C/B     Am

'Cause he gets up in the morning and he goes to work at nine.

And he comes back home at 5:30; gets the same train every time.

'Cause his world is built on punctuality it never fails.



            C  C/B  Am             C  C/B  Am

'Cause he's oh so-- good, and he's oh so-- fine.

         C  C/B  Am             C    C/B     Am

And he's oh so-- healthy in his body and his mind.

       F              Em

He's a well-respected man about town

F                     D              G  G/C  G

Doing the best things so conservatively.


And his mother goes to meetings while his father paws the maid.

And she stirs the tea with councilors while discussing foreign trade.

And she passes looks, as well, at Bill's at every suave young man.




And he likes his own backyard; and he likes his fags the best.

'Cause he's better than the rest and his arm sweat smells the best.

And he hope to grab his father's loot when pater passes on.




And he plays at stocks and shares, and he goes to the regatta.

He adores the girl next door 'cause he's dying to get at her.

But his mother knows the best about the matrimonial stakes.






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