Across The Lines

Words & Music:

Tracy Chapman


[capo 2]



Em         D      Am        C

Across the lines, who would dare to go?

Em        D                Am

Under the bridge, over the tracks,


That separates whites from blacks

Em              D            G

Choose sides or run for your life.

Am           C       D  Em                   C    G

Tonight, the riots begin on back streets of America.

Am                      C    G

They kill the dream of America.


       Em                         D

Little black girl gets assaulted, ain't no reason why.

    Am                                        C

Newspaper prints the story and racist tempers fly.

     Em                   D

Next day it start a riot, knives and guns are drawn.

Am                             C

Two black boys get killed, one white boy goes blind.




Little black girl gets assaulted, don't know-one know her name.

Lots of people hurt and angry, she's the one to blame.


CHORUS:  [end on G  Dm  G  Dm  G]


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