Sunny Came Home

Words & Music:

Shawn Colvin & John Leventhal


Bm         A           G        F#m    Bm        A           D      A

Sunny came home to her favorite room. Sunny sat down in the kitchen.

E/G#         A          G      F#m    Em         Bm          G

She opened a book and a box of tools. Sunny came home with a mission.



           D       A       Em   Em/A        D       A    Em

She says, "Days go by, I'm hypnotized.  I'm walking on a wire.

  D        A        Em            Bm            E/G#   A   GM7

I close my eyes and fly out of my mind into the fire."

           Bm   A   D   A

Sunny came home.


Sunny came home with a list of names; she didn't believe in transcendence.

"It's time for a few small repairs," she said Sunny came home with a vengeance.




Get the kids and bring a sweater.  Dry is good and wind is better.

Count the years, you always knew it.  Strike a match, go on and do it.


CHORUS:  [then sing lines below with chorus chords]

Light the sky and hold on tight.  The world is burning down.

She's out there on her own and she's alright.

Sunny came home.  Sunny came home.




Solo tab originally by Michael Smith, updated by unknown tabber:


E ----------------------------------------------------

B ----------------------------------------------------

G ----------------------------------------------------

D ---------------2-020---------------------2-024--020-

A -2-2---0 4 2-----------2-0-0------0-2-4-------------

e -------------------------------2--------------------


E ------------------------------------------------------Bm D A Bm

B ------------------------------------------------------

G ------------------------------------------------------

D ---------------2-420--------------------------2-0-2---

A -2-2--0 4 2----------4-2-0-0------2-2--0-2-4----------

e ------------------------------2-----------------------


E --------------------------------------------------------------Bm

B ---------------------------------------------------------------

G ------------------------------------------------2--------------

D -------------2-420--------------------------2-0---4--2420------

A -2-2--0 4 2--------4-2-0-0----2-2---0-2-4-----------------4-2--

e ---------------------------2-----------------------------------


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