Synchronicity I

Words & Music:


Cm   F/C Cm      Cm7  F/C Cm    Cm  F/C  Cm

With one breath, with one flow, you will know synchronicity.

Cm F/C  Cm      Cm7 F/C   Cm    Cm F/C      Cm

A sleep trance, a-- dream dance, a shared romance, synchronicity.




A connecting principle, linked to the invisible.

Almost imperceptible, something inexpressible.

Science insusceptible, logic so inflexible.

Casually connectable, nothing is invincible.


Am   D/A   Am7    Am    D/A    Am7  [play 4 times]


If we share this nightmare, we can dream spiritus mundi.

If you act as you think, the missing link, synchronicity.




We know you, they know me, extrasensory, synchronicity.

A star fall, a phone call, it joins all, synchronicity.




[instrumental over:]  Am  A7sus  Am  [repeat 5x]


It's so deep, it's so wide, you're inside, synchronicity.

Effect without a cause, subatomic laws, scientific pause, synchronicity.

Synchronicity, synchronicity, synchronicity, synchronicity


Am7   D/A   Am7  [repeat & out]

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