Words & Music:

Gary Brooker & Keith Reid (Procol Harem)


Gm                 C7             F                 G

Conquistador, your stallion stands in need of company.

Gm                    C7           F               F7/Eb

And like some angel's haloed brow, you reek of purity.

           G            Cm         F                   Gm

I see your armor-plated breast has long since lost its sheen.

G                      Cm                F                  Gm

And in your death-mask face there are no signs which can be seen.



             Gm      Eb7

And though I hoped for something to find.

        Gm   Eb7            Gm

I could see no place to unwind.


Conquistador a vulture sits, upon your silver sheath.

And in your rusty scabbard now, the sand has taken seed.

And though your jewel-encrusted blade has not been plundered still.

The sea has washed across your face and taken of its fill.




Conquistador there is no time, I must pay my respect.

And though I came to jeer at you, I leave now with regret.

And as the gloom begins to fall I see there is no, only all.

Though you came with sword held high, you did not conquer, only die.


CHORUS: [2x]


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