Books Are Burning

Words & Music:

Andy Partridge (XTC)

          G              D

Books are burning in the main square.

      E/G#               Am         D7

And I saw there the fire eating the text.

Books are burning in the still air.

And you know where they burn books, people are next.


Em   A               F               G [or FM9#11 - 1 x 2 0 0 x]

I believe the printed word should be forgiven.

Doesn't matter what it said.

Wisdom hotline from the dead back to the living.

Bb         F               C              D

Key to the larder for your heart and your head.


Books are burning in our own town.

Watch us turn 'round and cast our glances elsewhere.

Books are burning in the playground.

Smell of burnt book is not unlike human hair.


I believe the printed word is more than sacred.

Beyond the gauge of good or bad.

The human right to let your soul fly free and naked.

Above the violence of the fearful and sad.



E             G       Bb         F7             D7

The church of matches anoints in ignorance with gasoline.

E             G       Bb           F7               D    Dsus4

The church of matches grows fat by breathing in the smoke of dreams.


It's quite obscene!


Books are burning more each day now.

And I pray, now, you boys will tire of these games.

Books are burning; I hope, somehow,

This will allow a phoenix up from the flames.


OUTRO SOLO OVER:  G   D   E   Am   D [repeat and out]


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