The Moneygoround

Words & Music:

Ray Davies

Transcribed by Ian Grant and Jim Smart.


Best description of the record industry...ever.



Melody notes: B A# B C# B | D# D D# E D# | D# D# D# E F F# | Then crash on: B7



E            E/D#    C#m  C#m/B A       A/G#       F#m     F#m/E

Robert gives half to Grenville, who, in turn, gave half to Larry,

     D             G

Who adored my instrumentals.

A                     D

So, he gave half to a foreign publisher


He took half the money that was earned in some far distant land

Gave back half to Larry

A                 D7         (G)

And I end up with half of goodness knows what.



(G)             G/F# G/F

Can somebody explain why things go on this way?

C                                C/B

I thought they were my friends.  I can't believe it's me.

(C/B)                F      C

I can't believe that I'm so green.



G  [Doggie-style alternating bass]

Eyes down, 'round and 'round.


Let's all sit and watch the money go 'round.

(D)             A               G     F#

Everyone take a little bit here and a little bit there.


Do they all deserve money from a song that they never heard?

They don't know the tune and they don't know the words

And they don't give a damn.


There's no end to it.  I'm in a pit and I'm stuck in it.

The money goes 'round and around and around and it comes out here

B7 [hold chord]              [F#  A  G#]

When they've all taken their share

INSTRUMENTAL OVER:  E   E/D#  C#m  C#m/B | A  A/G#  F#m  F#m/E



I went to see a solicitor & the story was heard & the writs were served

On the verge of a nervous breakdown, I decided to fight right to the end

But if I ever get my money

A                   D7              (G)

I'll be too old and grey to spend it all.



 (G)                      G/F#   G/F

Oh, and life goes on and on and no-one ever wins.

C                             C/B

And time goes quickly by just like the money-go-round.

(C/B)            F      C

I only hope that I'll survive!


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