Crystal Blue Persuasion

Words & Music:

Tommy James, Mike Vale & Eddie Gray


Notes from the tabber: 1) If you really want to get technical, the C#m7/A could be notated as Amaj9.  2) Play C#m7 as xx6657 and Bm7 as xx4435.



C#m7/A  Bm7  [2x]  C#m7/A    Bm7  D  A


       The bass for the intro and verses varies, but is basically:

         v       v       v       v         v       v       v       v






               C#m7/A  Bm7                  C#m7/A  Bm7  [etc.]

Look over yonder---------.  What do you see?    The sun is a-risin' most definitely.

A new day is comin', people are changin'.  Ain't it beautiful - Crystal blue persuasion?


C#m7/A    Bm7  D  A


Better get ready.  Gonna see the light.  Love, love is the answer and that's all right.

So, don't you give up, now, so easy to find.  Just look to your soul and open your mind.


C#m7/A    Bm7  D  A



         v       v       v       v



       G|---------2-----2-------2---------|  repeat this figure over

       D|-----------2-4-----2-4-----2-4---|  interlude chords above:




[following is over bass riff only:]

Crystal blue persuasion, mm-hmm, it's a new vibration.

Crystal blue persuasion, crystal...

D   A

    Blue persuasion


[shift key to Bb - play this bass riff 2x]

         v       v       v       v







               Dm7/Bb  Cm7                 Dm7/Bb Cm7  [etc.]

Maybe tomorrow----------- when He looks down; every green field and every town,

All of his children, every nation

            Bb              Eb/G          Cm7

There'll be peace and good, brotherhood...Crystal blue persuasion


OUTRO:  [repeat & out]:

Dm7/Bb          Cm7

Crystal blue persuasion, ah-ha!

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