The Work Of The Weavers

Words & Music:

David Shaw


G                              C          G

We're all met together here to sit and to crack.

G                                    C             G

Wi' our glasses in our hands and our work upon our back.

G                                      C           G

There's nae a trade among 'em that can mend or can mak.

G                                D  G

If it wasn't for the work of the weavers.



      G               D        C              G

If it was not for the weavers, what would you do?

    C                G              C       D

You wouldn'a hae the clothes that's made of wool.

    G                          C            G

You wouldn'a hae a coat of the black or the blue.

G                                 D  G

If it was not for the work of the weavers.


There's soldiers and there's sailors and glaziers and all.

There's doctors and there's ministers and them that live by law.

And our friends in Sooth America, though them we never saw.

But we can they wear the work of the weavers.




Though weavin' is a trade that never can fail.

As long as we need clothes for to keep another hale.

So let us all be merry o'er a bicker of good ale.

And we'll drink to the health of the weavers.




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