Let Him Dangle

Words & Music:

Declan Patrick Aloysius MacManus (Elvis Costello)



Bentley said to Craig, "Let him have it, Chris."

C                               B7

They still don't know today just what he meant by this.


Craig fired the pistol but was to young to swing.

         C                       B7

So, the police to Bentley in the very next thing...


CHORUS: [2x]

           Em                    C                     B7

Let him dangle, let him dangle.  Do-do-do-do-do-do-do, do-do-do-doo-doo.


Bently had surrendered, he was under arrest

When he gave Chris Craig that fatal request.

Craig shot Sidney Miles, he took Bentley's word,

The prosecution claimed as they charged him with murder...


CHORUS: [2x]


They said Derek Bentley was easily led.

Well, what's that to the woman that Sidney Miles wed?

Though guilty was the verdict and Craig had shot him dead,

The gallows stood for Bentley and still she never said...


CHORUS:  [2x]



           G          D              Am7

Well, it's hard to imagine, it's the times that have changed.

               G                                                D

When there's a murder in the kitchen that is brutal and strange.

   G           D          Am7                        D

If killing anybody is a terrible crime,

              D                        B7                  Em

Why does this bloodthirsty chorus come round from time to time?


Not many people thought that Bentley would hang;

But the word never came, the phone never rang.

Outside Wadsworth prison there was horror and hate,

As the hangman shook Bentley's hand to calculate his weight...


CHORUS:  [2x]




From a welfare state to society murder,

"Bring back the noose!" is always heard.

Whenever those swine are under attack.

But, it won't make you even, it won't bring him back...


OUTRO:  Em   C  B7  [repeat with improv & out]


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