19th Nervous Breakdown

Words & Music:

Mick Jagger & Keith Richards



E = x x  7 7 7 x  |  A = x x 11 9 10 x  |  B = 8 10 10 8 7 7


riff 1        riff 2      riff 3      riff 4

 E             B           A           A

------------- ----------- ----------- ---------|

---10-10-9--- ---5-5-4--- ---3-3-2--- -----5s3-|

---11-11-9--- ---6-6-4--- ---4-4-2--- -4s6-----|

-9---------9- -4-------4- -2-------2- ---------|

------------- ----------- ----------- ---------|

------------- ----------- ----------- ---------|



You're the kind of person you meet at certain dismal dull affairs.

Center of a crowd, talking much too loud, running up and down the stairs.


Well, it seems to me that you have seen too much in too few years.


And though you've tried you just can't hide, your eyes are edged with tears.



             B(riff 2)      A(riff 4)

You'd better stop and look around.

        E                             A

Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes, here it comes,


Here comes your 19th nervous breakdown.


When you were a child, you were treated kind,

But you were never brought up right.

You were always spoiled with a thousand toys, but still you cried all night.

Your mother who neglected you, owes a million dollars tax.

And your father's still perfecting ways of making sealing wax.





B                         E

Oh, who's to blame?  That girl's just insane.

A(riff 3)                                 B(riff 2)

Well, nothing I do don't seem to work, it only seems to make matters worse.


Oh, please


You were still in school when you had that fool who really messed your mind.

And after that you turned your back on treating people kind.

On our first trip, I tried so hard to rearrange your mind.

But after while I realized you were disarranging mine.


CHORUS:  [repeat last line & out]

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