Higher Ground

Words & Music:

Stevie Wonder


Em  G  A  [vamp for intro]


Em   G  A  Em G    A  Em  G  A  Em  G  [etc.]

People------- keep on learnin'.

Soldiers keep on warrin'.

F#m  A  B  F#m  A    B  F#m  A  B  F#m

World---------- keep on turnin',

       A     B      Em  G  A  [etc.]

For it won't be too long.


Powers keep on lyin' while your people keep on dyin'.

World keep on turnin', for it won't be too long.



A                          Em       Em7

I'm so darn glad He let me try it again.

       A                             Em             Em7

For my last time on Earth, I lived a whole world of sin.

    A                   Em               Em7

I'm so glad that I know more than I knew then.

          F#m             B7                     Em  G  A  [etc.]

I'm gonna keep on tryin' 'til I reach the higher ground.


Teachers keep on teachin'.  Preachers keep on preachin'.

World keep on turnin' for it won't be too long.


Lovers keep on lovin', hile believers keep on believin'.

Sleepers just stop sleepin', for it won't be too long.





[improv vocals over this line, then repeat & out]

'Til I reach the higher ground.



Here is the famous bass/guitar lick:

  Em       G          A






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