(1639-1659) - Salem, Essex co., MA & Lynn, Essex co., MA

(Fifth Generation - Maverick Family)


BIRTH & BAPTISM Rebecca was born on 7d:6m(August):1639 in Salem, Essex co., MA[15,205,206] and baptized in Salem, Essex co., MA on 7d:6m(August):1639[205,209]. It is generally accepted that Rebecca is the "unnamed daughter" of Moses Maverick in the Salem, Essex co., MA vital records for this birth.
DEATH Rebecca died in Lynn, Essex co., MA in 4d:9m(November)1659 as "Haukes, Rebecka, w. Jon..".; she was 20[15,207,208].
MARRIAGE On 3 June 1658 when Rebecca was 19, she married John HAWKES (1633), son of Adam HAWKES & Ann BROWN, in Lynn, Essex co., MA[15,42,167,176,210,211,212,213,214,215,216,217,218,219]. Their marriage record reads "Haukes Jonathon and Rebeca Maverick" under John Hawkes (1633)' listing in the vital records. Under her listing, it is "Maverick, Rebeca, and Jonathan Haukes, 3:4m:1658".

CHILD (surnamed HAWKES) i. Moses HAWKES Please see his own page.

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G7) Grandfather
SOURCES 1. Edward Carroll Death Record, 19 October 1899, Lynn, Essex co., MA, 1866, 192, p. 186, #337.

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