December 2011 Update:
Yep. The upgrade and migration has finally started. Families will be reviewed, the reams of new info vetted and added and new reports & charts generated. Once a family is updated, you will know because the family pages will be in "wiki" format and the copyright year will be "2012" or beyond. Once the currently posted families are re-done, I will start on the medieval folks.

Why so long to get to a project I started in 2006? Too many reasons. The important thing is that I can & am doing so now.

I am literally years behind in all aspects of my personal email. Please don't take it personally if I have not returned an email. You can try re-pinging me, if you like.

Meanwhile, feel free to check out the music career. It, too, will hopefully be no longer be on hold. Cheers, all! Kristin

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