(1605-1671/2) - Hingham, Norfolk, England and Lynn, Essex co., MA

(Second Generation - Hawkes Family)


BIRTH Adam was born in 1605[1] and was baptized in St. Andrews, Hingham, Norfolk, England on 26 Jan 1605[3].
DEATH He died in Lynn, Essex co., MA in 13d:1m(March):1671/2; he was 66[1,2].
MIGRATION Family lore has Adam emigrating with the Governor Winthrop fleet in 1630, claiming that he was a passenger on the Mary & John. However, there is no proof of this and it is now a doubtful claim. He was in Lynn, Essex co., MA and well-established by 1638, when he received a good-sized land grant for having contributed mightily to the settlement (receiving 100 acres, as opposed to the basic 10).
RESIDENCES & REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS Lewis says: "...Adam Hawkes was a farmer, and settled on the Hawkes Farms in Saugus. He owned the land where the iron ore was found, and filled up one of the mines, on the supposition that it contained silver. Soon after his settlement, his house was burnt. The only persons in it at the time, were a servant girl and two twin infants, who escaped..."[5] Adam was granted "upland, 100" acres in the 1638 land distribution. This became known as the Hawkes Farm. The area of Adam's farm is now located in North Saugus, Essex co., MA. He owned the land where the iron ore was found which led to the founding of the Saugus Iron Works. Unfortunately, this also led to the loss of many acres of his farm as the Iron Works flooded it over the years!
LEGAL PROCEEDINGS The Iron Works was founded in 1643 on "land purchased of Thomas Hudson...erected on the western banks of the Saugus River..."[8] Between 1643 and 1646, the Iron Works was firmly established and expanded considerably. In 1646, the trouble between The Iron Works and the Hawkes family began when the Iron Works purchased other land and extended their pond. This flooded three acres of Adam Hawkes' land.

In 1652, "Mr. Gifford this year increased the height of the dam at the Iron Works, by which ten acres of Mr. Hawkes's [sic] land were flowed; for which he agreed to give 16 loads of hay yearly , and 200 cords of wood. Afterward he agreed to give him £7, 'which ends all, except that 10s. is to be given him yearly.' By this agreement the water was to be so kept 'that it may not ascend the top of the upper floodgates in the pond higher than within a foot and a halfe of the top of the great Rock that lies in the middle of the pond before the gates.'..."[10]

In June 1660, Adam sued Oliver Purchis (as agent for the Iron Company) because water from the Iron Works' dam had once again overflowed his land.
"The deposition of Joseph Jenks, senior, saith, that having conference with adam hawkes about the great dam at the Iron works at Lin, he complayned that he suffered great damage by the water flowing his ground. I answered him, I though you had satisfaction for all from the old companie, he said he had from the old company, and further saith not."
"This, I Charles Phillopes do testifie, that I, keepeing of the watter at the Irone Workes, since Mr. Porchase came there, Mr. Porchas did att all times charges me to keepe the watter Lowe, that it might not damage Mr. Hawkes, which I did, and had much ill will of the workmen for the same."
Others testified that the lands had been much overflowed. Francis Hutchinson said, that the water had been raised so high, that the bridge before Mr. Hawkes' house had severeal times been broken up, and 'the peces of tember raised up and Made Sweme.' Joh Knight and Thomas Wellman were appointed to ascertain the damamge. They stated that the corn had been 'Much Spoilled,' and the wells 'sometimes ffloted;' that the English grass had been much damaged, and the tobacco lands much injured, 'in laying them so Coulld.' They judged the damage to be 'the ualloation of ten pounds a yeere.'..."[11] The problems between the Hawkes family & the Iron Works continued into John2's lifetime Š culminating with John2 arranging for the Works' dam destruction in 1683. See more details under John2's entry.

ESTATE Inventory of the estate of Mr. Adam Hawks taken Mar. 18, 1671/2 by Thomas Newhall and Jeremiah Sweyen:
- in wearing Aparrill, 5li. 17s.
- a bedsteed, fetherbed, 2 fether pilows, Flock bed, on blanket, sheetts, curtins, vallenc and one Imbroadered coverlid, 14li.
- bedsteed and beding belonging to it, 2li. 10s.
- one other bed and bedsteed, 3li.
- bras and pewter, 3li., 14s.
- Iron potts and kettells, one pare of Andirons, __
- pare of trambrells, tow par of pott hoks, one cast backe, on friing pan, one pare of stilliards, one spitt, 5li., 7s.
- two croscut saws, one sith, one sikell, thre Axces, to par of Hoks, one Axtre pin, on sledg and ould Iron, 1li., 11s.
- tow muskits, tow small fflowlling pes, two Rest heads, 3li., 15s.
- thre swords, one wachbill, on ould belt, one pistell and one Drum, 2li., 13s.
- one Table, six Joyn stools, 2li., 8s.
- a pare of banddilars, milk vesells, sivs, 14s.
- a peas of black cloth, 1li. 6s.
- cart wheells, plow and yoks, chayns, clevis and pin, beatell, tow weges, one forke and part of a cart Roop, 5li., 18s.
- fouer oxcen, 21li.
- seven cows with tow sucking calfs, 24li., 10s
- one tow yearling and tow yearlings, 4li., 5s.
- tow Horses and tow mares, 17li.
- sixten swyn one with another, 9li.
- sadell and pillion, 15s.
- loking glass and baskett, 7s.
- tobakow and ould caske, 18s.
- The Dwelling Hows and barne, 120li.
- about nyn Hundred of boards, a stoke of bees, 2li., 16s.
- five hundred and ffivty akers of land, 550li.
- fouer Akers of upland, 2li.
total, 817li., 11s.
credit to the Estatt, 1li., 15s.
Debts from the Esstat, 46li., 14s.

Administration on the estate of Adam Haukes of Lynn was granted to John Hauks of Lynn, and certain articles of agreement were allowed. He was to give to his mother Mrs. Sarah Hauks, nine score acres of upland in Lynn, not joining to the farm, eight acres of medow in the great meadow, and one third of all the moveables; to Sarah Hauks, her daughter, four score and ten pounds, to be paid five pounds every two years until forty pounds is paid, and the fifty pounds at age or marriage; if she should die before said time to be paid to the widow, Sarah Hauks, all to be paid in corn or cattle; to Moses Hauks, son of John Hauks by Rebeckah Hauks, daughter of Mr. Moses Mavericke, as a legacy from his grandfather, Mr. Adam Hauks, one half of that farm in Lynn which the said Hauks lived and died upon, only for the housing, to pay the value thereof if he pleases, at age, and if he should die before, the estate to go t his father John Hauks and his children; to Mr. William Cogswell for his wife, four score and ten pounds, to be paid ten pounds yearly, in corn, cattle or goods, to be made in two payments within two years; to Samuell Huchisson, Thomas Huchisson, Edward Huchisson and Elizabeth Hart, five pounds each, within twelve months time, in corn or cattle; all the residue to John Hauks.

Signed March 27, 1672, by Sarah (her X mark) Hauks, Francis Hutchinson, Moses Mavericke, John Hauks, William Cogswell.

Approved and allowed March 26, 1672 in Ipswich Court.
[Essex Country Probate Files, Docket 12, 899.][6,7]

MARRIAGE #1 Circa 1631 when Adam was 26, he first married Ann BROWN, daughter of Edward BROWN & Jane LIDE, in Charlestown or Lynn, MA[1,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27]. She was the widow of Thomas HUTCHINSON and brought several children by him with her into the marriage with Adam Hawkes. Ann was born ca. 1615 in Inkeberrow, Worcestershire, England[4] and died in Lynn, Essex co., MA in 4d:10m:1669; she was 54[1,2]. John1, John2 and Susanna are the only three proven children of Adam and Ann. Other sources (now considered dubious) mentioned sons, Adam, Moses, Benjamin and Thomas, but it is now thought that these are grandchildren and not children of Adam[4]. While several of Adam's step-sons (surnamed Hutchinson) survived to adulthood, John2 was the only son of Adam to live past childhood. Thus, he inherited the bulk of Adam's estate when Adam died.

CHILDREN 2. i. John1 HAWKES John1 was born in 1631/2 in Lynn, Essex co., MA[4] and died in Lynn, Essex co., MA before his namesake brotherÕs birth in 1633; he was 2[4].
ii. John2 HAWKES (twin) Please see his own page.
iii. Susanna HAWKES (twin) Susanna was born on 13 Aug 1633 in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA[4,12] and died before 1696; she was 62[12].

In 1649 when Susanna was 15, she married William COGSWELL, son of John2 COGSWELL & Elizabeth THOMPSON, in Ipswich, Essex co., MA[1,84].

They had the following children (surnamed COGSWELL):
i. Elizabeth
ii. Hester
iii. Susanna
iv. Ann
v. William
vi. Jonathon
vii. Edmund
viii. John
ix. Adam
x. Sarah

MARRIAGE #2 On 2 June 1670 when Adam was 65, he second married Sarah HOOPER, daughter of William HOOPER & Elizabeth [surname not known], in Lynn, Essex co., MA[1,28,25,29,30,31]. Sarah was born on 7 December 1650 in Reading (now Wakefield), Middlesex co., MA[4].

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G9) Grandfather

Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G8) Grandfather
FAMILY NUMBER 3624 and 1872
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