(-1653) - Dilton, Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, England; Ipswich, Essex co., MA

(Fourth Generation - Cogswell Family)

Elizabeth THOMPSON

BIRTH John was baptized in Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, England[11,71,72].
DEATH & BURIAL John died in at sea on 27 Sep 1653; he was 31[11,71] and is buried in Old North Graveyard, First Church, Ipswich, Essex co., MA.
OCCUPATION John was a Farmer in Chebacco, Ipswich, Essex co., MA[71].
EDUCATION John2 was educated, as evidenced by the extremely cogent letters he wrote from London.
MIGRATION John came over with his parents on the Angel Gabriel. For further information, please see the MIGRATION entry in his father's entry.
RESIDENCE In 1651, he leased of the feoffees of the Ipswich Grammar School lands called "The Neck" (later known as "Jeffries Neck") for 999 years in return for an annuity of 14; paid as follows "4 in Butter and cheese, 5 in pork and Beef, and 5 in Corn, at the current prices."[71]
SNAKEBIT JOHN & HIS ILL-FATED TRIP TO LONDON John was...unlucky at best. His wife died when his children were still infants and toddlers. He left them in the care of friends and family and went to London to try and extract himself from musch debt. His mission failed and he died on the return voyage. Nonetheless, the crew brought his body back to land and he was interred in Ipswich.

After his wife's death in 1652, he left his children in the care of family (His sister, Hannah Waldo was charged with their care. His father, John and his brother, William were appointed legal guardians) and friends while he went to London on business. Unfortunately, he died on the return voyage. His children were parcelled out to various friends and family, with William acting as the overall legal guardian[71].

While in London, John wrote the following letter to his parents - addressed: "To My very loving Father, Mr. John Cogswell. At his house in Ipswich. These be in Essex.":
"London, this 30th of March, 1653.
Most loving father and mother, I having an opportunity to send to New England could not but write to you, to certify to you that I am thro' God's goodness to safe arrived in England, & have had my heath well, & my friends are in general well. My sister hath 2 children. I an as yet unmarried, & little hoped I have to marry here; but I intend to make haste over to New England, with some servants, as fast as I can. My condition at present is very low, & I am in great straits. The Lord in mercy help me. Mr. Deane hath dealt kindly with me, hath taken bond of me to receive for 84 here, 100 in Boston. I pray, father, will you be assistant to my brother William, & both to my brother Armitage, in the payment of this 100; for I have written to my brother Armitage to pay it for my, because he lives in Boston. I have not as yet agreed with my cousin Stevens nor Mr. Goade. I owe them 53, besides interest. I pray, father & mother & brother William, be careful of the little corne, cattle, goods & my house & land, that it be not forfeited; for I am in a very low and sad condition here, & have nothing yo pay my depts withall, nor to maintain my poore, motherless children withall, but with is in your hands. I pray you will have a fatherly & motherly care of my dear, motherless babes, & at present fatherless. I have been with my brother Waldo's friends; his mother lives in Berwick; his Uncle John is dead; his brother Thomas is in Ireland, & his Uncle Barrow is dead; the rest are in health. I pray be earnest with my sister Waldo to be loving & tender to my three babes, for she knows not how soon hers may be left to the wide world. I would have Sml. & Elizabeth goe to school this summer. Thus on my knees, craving your prayers to God for me in my undertaking, that I may be brought safe to you again, remembering my duty to you both; my love to my 3 children, & to my brothers & sisters & cousins, with my service to Mr. Rogers& Mr. Morton; my love to goodmen Lords; my respects to all my friends. Humbly craving all your prayers, I commit you all to God. I rest your obedient son, very loving father & brother & friend & servant,
John Cogswell.

"This letter I wrote in great haste."
"This is a true copy of a letter that my brother, John Cogswell, sent to my father from London, the 30th March, 1653."[73]

Anderson, et. al., discuss this letter's implications in detail:
"On 19 April 1653, 'Samuell Thomsonn' of Taunton, Somerset, called John Cogswell Jr. of Ipswich 'my cousin' and 'my kinsman' and indicated that John was visiting him[74].

John wrote that "I have not yet agreed with my brother Stevens...I have been with my brother Waldoe's friends. His mother lives in Carrick. His brother John is dead. His brother Thomas is in Ireland & his uncle Borron is dead"[75,76] He further wrote that "...'my sister hath two children,' which Ferris interpreted to mean a blood sister[77]; given the context of the rest of the letter, a sister-in-law is more likely..."[78]

ESTATE John's estate was inventoried at 341 10s. 0d.[71] against the desperate debts outlined in his letter to his parents and a lease of 1000 years. Gave 200 in bonds. It was spent on the care and education of his children. His will was dated 13 December 1652 and was accepted at the Ipswich court on 30 September 1653. His executors brought the will to account to the court in Ipswich to the full of the estate and were discharged by the court. The disposition of John's estate is the key issue in the matter of Coggswell vs Cogswell [1675-1677], the lawsuit which pitted John's brother and executor William against John's son.

John's will reads:
[words & letters in brackets are illegible on the original and are left out of the version of John's will printed in the Probate Records of Essex County. However, they were included in Jameson's book.]

"[I, John] Cogswell, of Ipswitch, beinge bound for England, upon due considerations movinge me to it, have made [my father] and my Brother, William Cogswell, and my Brother [Armitage], Executors in trust, and Mr. Nathaniell Rojers, [Overseers, to] order and dispose of my children and Estate as [far as they s]hall see fit to be for my good; to pay my debts[, and to buy and sell] wth my Estate for my use; and if it should [please God so] to order it by his Providence that I come [no more there, to] take ye Care of my children and breede ym [up in the fear] of God and to learninge, and if any one of ym be [capable of ]beinge Good scoler, yn I would have him brought [up to it, and] ye other to be bound prentiss at 10 years ould to a [Godly, honest] man, where he may be wel brought vp [and know how to hus]bandry affairs & yt vy yt should h[ave been laid out on him] to be [p]ut to encrea[se against he is 21 years old.

[And my] daughter Elizabeth [I desire that she may be bred at school untill she is fourteen years old, and then to goe to service and earne her living, and not allowes anything toward their maintenance after they are at service; and if I should (not) come again, I would entrete you to make the most of all my goods, to sell it and buy young cattle with it, and to sett out my farme in parcells or what way you shall see best to make the most of it untill my] so[ns be twenty-one years old; and then my farmes and goods yt] is then left to b[e equally divided between my three chidr]en, ye la[n]d to [my two sons,] 2 parts [to John and one part] to Samuel, and [to] my daughter Elizabeth [a portion] of moneye, [di ye to her pportion viz in 4 less] according to proportion, viz., one part in four less than my sonn Samuell[; provided, ]if my daughter should be maryed before (21) [years] old, yt she should haue her portion, as neer as [it can] be Cast vp, to be pd to her at her maridge day; and also my sonns to have theyre portions deliuered to them at 21 yeres ould. Whereto I sit my hand [this 1]3th of December, [165]2.[3]
John Cogswell, Junior."

"[This I] testifie, that before me John Cogswell, Junior, [his depar]ting into England, tould me he had or would make [his w]ill, and had made his father, his brother Wm., and his brother Armitage his Executors; and, further, I doe believe it to be his owne hand wrighting.
Robert Lord"

"I, Cornelius Waldo, testify the same."
["I Francis waldo testifi the same." - Essex County Probate Files, Docket 5, 829.]

"And it was accepted and allowed in Court, held at Ipswich, to be the will of John Cogswell, the 30 Sept., 1653.
Robert Lord, clerk."

"Vera copia out of the original on file. Attest: Robert Lord, clerk."[79,80]

Proved 27d: 7m: 1653. Inventory received. Mr. John Cogswell and William Cogswell, executors[81].

Inventory of estate of John Cogswell, jr., taken 25: 7: 1653, by John Prockter and Wm. Varnye;
one Red Rudge, 1li., 13s., 4d.;
5 Cussings, Culler red, 10s.;
Curtens and Wallens, 4li.;
one ffeather bed and bolster and two pillowes, 4li.;
a litle flock bed, two old blankets, and an old Coueringe, 14s.;
two window Curtens, 8s.; one Carpitt, 10s.;
two payer of sheets 1li. 6s. 8d.;
one payer of sheets, 15s.;
two payer of pillowbears, 13s. 4d.;
a dyaper table Cloth, 16s.;
6 napkings, 1li.;
byaper duble Clutes, 10s.;
7 neck clothes, 16s;
3 payer of hand cuffes, 6s.;
4 head dressinges, 8s.;
2 lace crossclothes, 5s.;
3 forhead Clothes, 6s.;
a shift and a bidgen, and one old bed and stomeger and 2 other Cloutes, 6s;
[A Swathe & a pinquishion, 4s. - copy]
a brush, __;
a waskote and nyght houd, 1s;
a payer of white glouffes, 1s.;
a payer of stockings, 4s. 4d.;
a Childe barringe Cloth, 2li. 4s. 8d.;
one stufe gowne, 1li. 10s.;
a wascote, 10s.;
a petticote, 1li. 6s. 8d.;
a white shute, 13s. 4d.;
4 aperens, 1li.;
a hatband and Hatte brush, 3s.;
a houd, 3s.;
a dublet and payer of hose, 1li. 3s. 4d.;
a Cloake, 1li.;
lethers for stoules, 9s.;
Course twolels, 3s.;
[6 Course Naapkins - copy], 4s.;
5 pewter platters [10s. - copy];
a pewter flaggon [5s. - copy];
3 old pewter pottes, 3 potte gengers [pottingers - copy], 3s.;
a bassen and spone, 2s;
2 skingmers, and bastinge laddle, 3s.;
one brasse skillet, 3s.;
a brase candlestick, 3s.;
two tynn Candle sticks, 1s. 6d.;
one pestle and Morter, 3s.;
one warminge pann, 7s. 6d.;
one old dublet, a payer of stockinge, 6s.;
a Chamber pott, 2s.;
a payer of billowes, 1s.;
two payer of Andines, 5s.;
a trunke, 10 s.;
a Chest, 10s.;
a litle trunk, 4s.;
a pillen, 5s.;
3 scakes 10s.;
a tumbrill, 12s.;
Blundiviles book, 3s.;

more Goods praysed by John Prockter and george Gittans, the 26:7򎀕: swayne, 6li.;
one bridle, Sadle, stirips and girtes, 10s.;
one Rudge, 1li. 10s.;
two traytes, 1s. 4d.;
one stocke of bees, 12s.;
halfe a sworme, 8s.;
a payer potthook [2 Chaines - copy], 8s. 8d.;
[Lamp, 2 stools, one basket - copy], 2 brushes, one bas[ket], Cheese vate, 3s. 6d.;
one lether Jacck, 2s.;
one botle, a salt siller, an houre glase, 5s. 2d.;
one spitt, one axe, 5s. 10d.;
one brasse kittle, 1li. 13s. 4d.;
one brasse kittle, 15s.;
one book, Mr. John Collens works, 4s.;
one sucken bottle, 6d.;
one bedsteed and cord, 15s.;
one Roudge, one bed boulster, 2 blankits, 2li. 10s.;
one Iron pott and Iron hangers, 8s.;
one payer of poot trameles, 2s.;
one spad and 7 trayes, 8s. 6d.;
one Cheese press, 3 spones and drippen pann, 7s.;
one Charne, 2 seves, 4s. 6d.;
one beer barrell, one powdering tub, 4s.;
one hogshead and virkinge, 2s. 6d.;
two barrell, one forke, 3s. 10d.;
two betle Rings, a strangen dish, payle, 2s. 10d.;
3 wegges, 4 dishes, 3s. 2d.;
Chaynes, one plow sheer, 1li. 6s. 6d.;
one table, 6s. 8d.;
5 cowes, 25li.;
one bull yeare and Vantage, 2li. 10s.
two hayfers, 10li.;
one bull 2 yeare and Vantage, 3li.;
one bull, 6li.;
one bull stagg, 7li.;
one bolster, one dublet, 1li. 4d.;
4henns, 4s.;
one cart and wheels and all the Irons belongen, 2li. 10s;
one Chayne, 3 youckes wth Irons, 15s.;
[One Cart Rope - copy], 5s.;
[One pair of Sheetes - copy], 8s.;
[One pott hanger, 1 Brass skillet, 1li. 4s. 8d. - copy], 4s. 8d.;
[A Cannow, 8s. - copy];
in Lace, 5li.
17 yeards of lickren, 1li. 2s.;
2 payer of showes, 8s.;
his apperell, 5li.;
2 payer old boots, 12s.;
hay seed, 10s.;
a Curriers knyfe, 4s.;
2li. of threed, 6s.;
one book, 1s. 6d.;
one Chest, 6s.;
one skillit, one chamb poot, one porenger, two spones, 5s. 6d.;
two payer of crose garner & a payer of esses for doores, 6s. 6d.;
a pillen cloth, 6s.;
musket and bandelers, 15s.;
a saddle, 6s.;
3 hundred of bord, 15s.;
a gridian, 1s.;
two howses, 14li.;
the lease of his farme, 100lli.;
total, 247li. 5s. 8d.

Received in Ipswich court Sept. 27 1653. Essex County Probate Files, Docket 5, 829[79].

On copy of inventory the following: What is owing him: Goodwife winbrough of Boston, 1li.; Mr. Genit, 4li. 1s.; Mark hamms, 36li.; Mr. Webb, 1li.; Hennry Muddle, 38li.; In desperate debts on his book, 28li., 3s. 4d.; total, 94li. 4s. 4d. There is 19li. to be paid out this Estate to Mr. John Cogswell, Sr. for a child committed to him.
Mass. Archives, vol. 39, leaf 495[82].

Mr. John Coggswell and Willm. Coggswell of Ipswich brought in 27: 7: 1664, an account of disbursements for the bringing up of the children of John Coggswell, jr., deceased, unto whom they were executors, and also by the discharge of several debts due from the said John Cogswell to the full value of the estate they received, except the land, which they return to the use of the children, and are discharged of their executorship, they yet to take care of the children until they choose guardians.
Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 137[82,83].

MARRIAGE Sometime around 1648 when John was 26, he married in Ipswich, Essex co., MA[11,84,77,85,71,63,86,87,88,56,89]. His wife died in 1652[11,71]. "...John's wife's deathbed wishes are given in the testimony of her sisters-in-law, but not her name..."[72,90]

CHILDREN i. Elizabeth COGSWELL Elizabeth was born in 1648 and died on 10 May 1736; she was 88[71]. She married Abraham WELLMAN[71].
33. ii. John COGSWELL Please see his own page.
iii. Samuel COGSWELL

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G8) Grandfather
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