(1611-1685/6) - Awliscombe, Devonshire, England; Dorchester, Suffolk co., MA; Salem, Essex co., MA & Marblehead, Essex co., MA

(Fourth Generation - Maverick Family)


BIRTH & BAPTISM Moses was born in March-June 1611 in England[15]. His birth date is based on Essex county, MA court depositions (see below) and died in Marblehead, Essex co., MA on 28 January 1685/6; he was 74[15,88]. Moses was baptized in South Huish, Devonshire, England on 3 November 1611 as "Mosses, son of John Mavericke"[16,86].
DEATH His death record reads in part: "...who solemnized the preceding marriages and being Clerke registered ye births & deaths preceding..." and gives his age as 76.
PROOF OF AGE The Marblehead, Essex co., MA VRs supplement have six entries for Moses (under Maverick and Mavericke) for depositions. These were "...obtained from court depositions, wills and inventories of estates in the Essex county Court files..."
"Maverick, Moses, a. 50 y., dep. Sep., 1662."[89,90]
"Mavericke, Moses, a. abt. 54 y., dep. Nov. 1665."[90,91]
"Mavericke, Moses, a. abt. 55 y., dep. Mar., 1667."[90,92]
"Mavericke, Moses, a. 57 y., dep. June T. [sic], 1668."[90,93]
"Mavericke, Moses, a. 57 y., dep. Mar. T. [sic], 1669."[90,94]
"Mavericke, Moses, a. abt. 58 y., dep. June T. [sic], 1669."[90,95]
MIGRATION Moses emigrated to New England at age 19 along with his family aboard the Mary & John in 1630. He
OCCUPATION He became a proprietor in Dorchester, Suffolk co., MA in 1633, and continued that profession in Marblehead, Essex co., MA in 1637. When he lived in Salem, Essex co., MA in 1634, he was a Fisherman.
CITIZENSHIP Moses took the Oath of Freeman on 3 September 1634 in either Dorchester, Suffolk co., MA or Salem, Essex co., MA, depending upon the source. Salem is more likely, since he was a resident of Salem at that time[60,62,96].
CHURCH AFFILIATION He became a member of the Church (most likely in Salem or Marblehead, Essex co., MA) on 12 June 1637.
RESIDENCE & REAL ESTATE He owned property in Dorchester, Suffolk co., MA in 1633, which he sold to John Greenway that year[64]. He then moved to Salem, Essex co., MA in 1634 and finally settled in Marblehead, Essex co., MA (where he took over his father-in-law Isaac Allerton's holdings) in 1635[100,102]. He paid the rent for Noddles Island [now East Boston], Suffolk co., MA to the Massachusetts General Court in 1636, having charge of it while his brother Samuel was in Virginia[101].

On 6 March 1666/6, Moses & his second wife Eunice sold her real estate holdings in Boston, Suffolk co., MA:
"...Moses Maverick, of Marblehead, with wife Eunice deeds to Henry Tailor house & land; St. E., house and land of Thomas Bumstead, and land of Theo. Atkinson S., land late of John Briggs, deceased., W., thomas Buttel N., which house did belong to Thomas Roberts, [first] husband of sd Eunice, late of Boston, and her children, Timothy, Elizabeth, Lydia, and Eunice Roberts...Washington St., N. of Court St..."[102]

TOWN SERVICE & LEGAL MENTION Moses Maverick was a trusted member of Marblehead, Essex co., MA society. He served the town in many, many offices & functions. His first office was that of Marblehead's Constable in 1643[103]. On 13d:3m(May):1646, Moses, John Hart & William Charles witnessed the will of George Pollard of Marblehead[104,105]. Moses and "Johanne Bartoll" took inventory on the estate of John Hart of Marblehead on 14d:1m(March):1655/6[106,107].

The pace of his town service picked up considerably in the 1660s. Moses & Francis Johnson took inventory on the estate of Erosmus James of Marblehead in 1660[108,109]. Moses, William Nicke and John Legg took inventory on the estate of Edmund Nicholson of Marblehead on 22d:9m:1660[115,116].

This group also took inventory of the estate of Roger Tucker on Salem on 25 June 1661[110,111] and inventory on the estate of James Smith of Marblehead on 25 June 1661[112,113]. Finally, this trio took inventory on the estate of Mrs. Mary Smith of Marblehead on 13 April 1663[114].

On 25 March 1662, there appear a series of entries for people who had been " God's providence cast away and no will appearing..."[117] in the Essex county Probate records. John Pomary, Isssack Waklye and Henry Muddle were lost in the sinking of one boat[118]. James Mudge, Aniball Lane and William Homan were lost when another boat went down[118]. John Lookeman, Nicolas Lookman, John Hart and Richard Holeman were also lost when their boat sank. Administration of these last four estates was granted to Mr. Geroge Corwin and Mr. Moses Maverick[118,119]. Other people lost together were Sifforye Cock, John Anard and Tobiah Beckes[118,120]. It seems apparent that all these deaths came about from a rather intense ocean storm which swamped and sank all these fishing boats, taking all hands to their deaths. Interestingly, Sidney Perley makes no mention of a 1662 severe storm in his book on the subject of New England storms.

On 16 November 1664, Moses Maverick and William Charles took inventory on the estate of John Bartoll of Marblehead[121,122]. "Mr. Moses Maverick" was granted administration of the estate of William Rayner (of Marblehead?) on 26d:4m:1666[123,124]. Moses, George Corwin and Samuell Ward took inventory of the estate of Arthur Sandie of Marblehead on 8 April 1667[125,126]. He and Erasomus James took inventory on the estate of Thomas Randall of Marblehead on 20 November 1667[127,128]. "Mr. Moses Maverick and Samuell Ward were granted administration on the estate of Henry Dab (of Marblehead?), intestate on 31 March 1668[129,130]. They were also granted administration on the estate of John Bird (of Marblehead?), intestate on 31 March 1668[130,131], and also on the estate of Richard Jane (of Marblehead?), intestate on 31 March 1668[130,132].

The estate of Thomas Dill of Marblehead owed him £2 in the inventory of 2 July 1668[133,134]. That of William Walton of Marblehead owed him £73 1s. 4d. in the inventory of 23 November 1668[135,136]. Moses & Samuell Ward apprised for "Samuel Waltown" (as part of the estate settlement) "a parcel of land at Marblehead, called William' lot at £10, and the parcel on which his house stands at £8[137,138]."

He, John Peach and Christopher Latamor took inventory of the estate of Mrs. Jane James of Marblehead[137,139]. Henry Bartholmew, Moses & Hillyard Veren took inventory of the estate of Henry Coombes of Marblehead on 16 September 1669[140,141]. "Mr. Moses Mavericke" owed £9 18s. to the estate of Mr. John Croad of Salem on 29d:9m(November):1670[142,143] "Moses Mavericke and Samll. Ward" too inventory of the estate of Timothy Owen of Marblehead, intestate on 28 November 1671[144,145]. Moses, John Deverix and Samuel Ward took inventory of the estate of John Stacy of Marblehead, intestate on 28 February 1671[147,148].

"Administration on the estate of Samuell Leech, intestate, granted 24d:4m(June):1673, to several of the creditors, viz, Mr. Moses Maverick, Mr. Francis Johnson and Robert Knights, who were to bring in an inventory to the next Salem court." Administration had first been granted to the widow, Hannah, on 26d:9m(November):1672, but apparently was never done by her[149,150].

Later, Moses is mentioned in several interesting wills:
He is mentioned in Adam Hawkes' will as the father of "Rebeckah Hauks" wife of "John Hauks" who were the parents of "Moses Hauks". Once again, he is referred to as "Mr. Moses Mavericke". Moses also signed the inventory along with "Sarah Hauks, Francis Hutchinson...John Hauks, William Cogswell"[146].

In that of William Charles of Marblehead, dated 31 December 1672, "taking the advice of my loving Freinds therein, Mr. Moses Maverick, Mr. Samuell Cheever and Rich[ar]d Norman" he gave "liberty" to his wife "to sell, dispose or alionate any part of the estate for her needfull maintenance" after his death. He also left his "Cousin Robert Charles" a single shilling[151,152]. On 20 November 1695, James Dennis, the sole surviving executor of the Charles estate was called upon to give an accounting of this estate and notes that the estate paid £1 12s. 7d to "Mr. Moses Mavrick as by his account"[153].

Finally, he was involved in the estate of Josiah Walton [or Walthom] (of Marblehead?) who "was brought in ... from the Sea after his wound by lightning, on June 23, 1673". Moses, Samuel Cheever and James Dennis were called and present when Walton dictated his last will and testament and signed the state of such. The estate was proved on 27d:9m(November):1673 by Moses Maverick and James Dennis and Eliza Walton, the widow[154,155].

"Mr. Moses Maverick" was owed 5s. 9d. by the estate of John Trebie on 24 November 1675[156,157]. Moses & Samuel Cheever took inventory on 16 February 1676 on the estate of John Cole of Marblehead "sometime of Pemaquid"[158]. Moses & Samuel Ward took inventory on the estate of widow Mrs. Sarah Charles on 21 December 1676[159,160].

ESTATE Moses' will was dated January 1685/6, but was not signed by him. It was presented on 30 March 1686 but not accepted by the court as some of the children objected. Named in the will were: his second wife Eunice; Moses Hawks -- only surviving child of his daughter Rebecca; the four children of his deceased daughter Abigail, namely, Samuel Ward, Abigail Hinds, Mary Dallabar and Martha Ward; his other daughters Elizabeth Skinner, Remember Woodman, Mary Fferguson [sic] and Sarah Norman; and his son-in-law, Archebald Ffurgeson [sic].

On 29 September 1691, Edward Woodman, Sr. of Boston -- who was the husband of his daughter Remember Maverick -- petitioned on behalf of the seven Woodman children that "Unice" be ordered to give an account of her administration of Moses Maverick's estate.

On 29 November 1698, the estate was finally administered. It was divided among the widow Eunice Maverick; Archebald Ffurgeson in behalf of his children by his deceased wife Mary Maverick Ffurgeson; John Norman, husband to Moses' only surviving daughter Sarah; grandson Moses Hawks, who was the only child of Moses' eldest daughter Rebecca, now deceased on behalf of himself and of William Hughes and Thomas Jackson. William Hughes was married to Elizabeth Grafton and Thomas Jackson was married to Priscilla Grafton. The girls were the children of Elizabeth Maverick Grafton, deceased. The estate was also divided between Samuel Ward in behalf of himself and his two sisters living and the children of his third and fourth sisters -- both deceased -- descending from the now-deceased Abigail Maverick Ward and Thomas Perkins, who was the second husband to the now deceased Remember Maverick Woodman, in behalf of himself and all the children of Remember[97,98]. All of these papers and others are published in full in the Mayflower Descendant[99].

MARRIAGE #1 Before 6 May 1635 when Moses was 24, he first married Remember ALLERTON, daughter of Isaac ALLERTON & Mary NORRIS, in Plymouth, Plymouth co., MA or Salem or Marblehead, Essex co., MA[161,162,163,164,165,166,167,168,169,170,42,171,172,173,174,175,176,177,178]. We know that they were married by 6 May 1635 because this is the date at which Moses is first referred to as the son-in-law of Isaac Allerton in the Massachusetts Bay Colony Records.

CHILDREN 51 . i. Rebecca MAVERICK Please see her own page.
52. ii. Mary1 MAVERICK Mary1 was born in 1640 in Salem, Essex co., MA and died in Boston, Suffolk co., MA on 24 February 1655 as "Mary of Moses Maverick of Mablehead [sic]"; she was 15[220]. At the age of 1, Mary1 was baptized in Salem, Essex co., MA on 14d:12m(February):1640/1[221].
53. iii. Abigail MAVERICK Abigail was born in 1644 in Salem, Essex co., MA. Abigail was baptized in Salem, Essex co., MA as "Maverike, Abigail". on 12d:11m(January):1644/5[205]. Abigail married Major Samuel WARD, son of Samuel WARD & Mary HILLIARD.
54. iv. Elizabeth1 MAVERICK Elizabeth1 was born in 1646 in Salem, Essex co., MA and died before 30 September 1649; she was 3. Elizabeth1 was baptized in Salem, Essex co., MA on 13d:10m(December):1646[222].
55. v. Samuel MAVERICK Samuel was born in 1647 in Salem, Essex co., MA and was baptized there on 19d:10m(December):1647[205]. Samuel was living circa 1668/9 when he signed a protest with his father, but apparently died before his father did and without issue.
56. vi. Elizabeth2 MAVERICK Elizabeth2 was born in 1649 in Salem, Essex co., MA and was baptized there as "Maverike, Eliza[beth] on 30d:7m(September):1649[223]. Elizabeth2 first married Nathaniel GRAFTON and second married Thomas SKINNER.
57. vii. Remember MAVERICK Remember was born in 1652 in Salem, Essex co., MA and was baptized there on 12d:7m(September):1652[223]. Remember married Edward WOODMAN, SR.

MARRIAGE #2 On 22d:8m(October):1656, when Moses was 45, he second married Eunice COLE, in Boston, Suffolk co., MA[15,25,102,179]. Their marriage record reads: "Moses Mavericke & Eunice Roberts widow of Thoms Roberts were John Endecott Govr.".

CHILDREN 58. i. Mary2 MAVERICK Mary2 was born in 1657 in Salem, Essex co., MA and was baptized there on 6d:7m(September):1657[224]. Mary2 married Archibald FERGUSON.
59. ii. Moses MAVERICK, JR. Moses was born in 1660 in Salem, Essex co., MA and was baptized in Boston, Suffolk co., MA as "Moses of Moses & Eunice Mavericke of Ch. of Salem." on 4d:1m(March):1660/1[225].
60. iii. Aaron MAVERICK Aaron was born in 1663 and was baptized in Salem, Essex co., MA on 20d:1m(March):1663[223].

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G8) Grandfather
SOURCES 1. Edward Carroll Death Record, 19 October 1899, Lynn, Essex co., MA, 1866, 192, p. 186, #337.

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