(1657[/8]-1713) - Lynn, Essex co., MA

(Fourth Generation - Breed Family)


BIRTH, DEATH & BURIAL Joseph was born on 12d:12m(February):1657[8] in Lynn, Essex co., MA[2,52] as "Braid, Joseph, s. Allen, jr." and died in Lynn, Essex co., MA on 25 November 1713; he was 55[2,53]. Joseph is buried in Old or Western Burial Ground in Lynn, Essex co., MA.
OCCUPATION Joseph's occupation was "Coaster".
MILITARY SERVICE He also served in the local militia, making the rank of Ensign[56]. Along with his brother, Timothy, he signed a petition for land for service in King Philip's War. Many men were promised land grants for serving in this war. However, like the "forty acres & a mule" promised to freed slaves after the Civil War and the World War I Bonus Marchers, this land promise was often conveniently "forgotten" by the local governments once the fighting was done unless the men specifically petitioned the government to honor this promise.
FREEMANSHIP & TOWN SERVICE Joseph took the Oath of Freeman on 18 April 1691[54,48] and served as Selectman for the town of Lynn, Essex co., MA in 1692[56].
WILL Joseph's will was written on 23 November 1713 and proved on 1 January 1714/15. It is Essex Probate #3224.

"He stated that he was very sick and weak but of perfect mind and memory. He requested his debts and funeral expenses be paid, and then made the following bequests:

I give and bequeath to my well beloved [wife] Sarah Breed all the part of my land at Boston lying near Fort Hill, so called, to sell or dispose as she sees cause. Also she is to have the improvement of my real estate in Lynn until my several children hereafter mentioned come of age, then to have the easterly end of my dwelling house in Lynn so ling as she remains my widow...also I give to my said wife all my moveable estate, both within doors and without after all the legacies hereafter given are paid, to be at her own disposal - all of which to be in lieu...of her thirds or right of dower and she accepting thereof. I give and bequeath to my three sons, Joseph Breed, Matthew Breed and Allen Breed, their heirs and assignes for ever all my houseing and land in Lynn...to Joseph my eldest son, the half part, and to the said Matthew and Allen, the other half part in equal parts between them, each of them to posess when they come to the age of twenty and one years...I give and bequeath to my six daughters, namely, Mary Lyndsy, Jane Newhall, Sarah Mansfield, Elizabeth Breed, Mercy Breed, and Mehitable Breed, 50 pounds apiece, to be paid to each of them by my Executor of my estate, as they come to the age of eighteen years or be married...my three eldest daughters before mentioned, namely Mary, Jane and Sarah have already received fiftey pounds apiece which is all their several parts and portions. I appoint my beloved wife Sarah Breed and my eldest son, Joseph Breed to be my lawful executors to this my last will and testament. Signed: Joseph Breed." This is recorded in the Essex Probate records, Record Book, 311:78-79[55].

MARRIAGE On 27 September 1683 when Joseph was 25, he married Sarah2 FARRINGTON, daughter of Mathew FARRINGTON Sr. & Elizabeth SISLEY, in Lynn, Essex co., MA[2,16,32,29,58,59,36,57] as "Bread, Joseph and Sarah Farrington".

CHILDREN 24. i. Mary BREED Mary was born on 4 July 1684 in Lynn, Essex co., MA[75] as "Bread, Mary" and died on 17 September 1748; she was 64. She married Ralph LINDSEY.
25. ii. Jane BREED Jane was born on 19 October 1687 in Lynn, Essex co., MA[75] as "Bread, Jane" and died in Lynnfield, Essex co., MA on 21 March 1773; she was 85[76].

The church record of their deaths reads: "They lived very happily together as man and wife almost sixty-five if not almost sixty-six years, then died, but three days difference between yr deaths. Thus were they lovely and pleasant in their lives, and in their death they were not divided."[76]

On 27 Feb 1710/11 when Jane was 22, she married Captain Elisha NEWHALL, son of Ensign Joseph NEWHALL & Susanna FARRAR. Elisha was born on 20 November 1686[78] and died after a few days' illness in Lynnfield, Essex co., MA on 19 March 1773; he was 86[76]. Elisha was a Farmer[77]. He is Waters #93. In 1717, Elisha joined in a quitclaim with his siblings to his brothers Thomas and Joseph all right and interest in the estate of Ensign Joseph Newhall, w ith the exception of their mother's dower[77]. As seen by his title, Elisha served in the militia and made the rank of Captain. He lived near the Salem & Reading Road[77]. On 16 May 1718, he bought two lots totalling 90 acres from his brothers Thomas and Joseph Newhall. One parcel of land was northeast of Humphrey's Pond and the other was southeast of the same pond. Part of Elisha's home was still standing there in 1882[79]. In 1761, he gave all his real estate to his son Matthew[76].

They had the following children (surnamed NEWHALL):
i. Ruth
ii. Sarah
iii. Lydia
iv. Susanna
v. Jane
vi. Elijah
vii. Elisha
viii. Matthew

26. iii. Sarah BREED Sarah was born on 16 July 1689 in Lynn, Essex co., MA[75] as "Bread, Sarah". She married Andrew MANSFIELD.
27. iv. Joseph BREED Joseph was born in "last of" June 1691 in Lynn, Essex co., MA[75,80] as "Bread, Joseph" and died in 1762; he was 70. Joseph was buried on 29 July 1762 in Lynn, Essex co., MA [81]. On 16 July 1717 when Joseph was 26, he married Susanna NEWHALL, daughter of Ensign Joseph NEWHALL & Susanna FARRAR[80,82]. A marriage intention was filed for them on 30 March 1717 in Lynn, Essex co., MA as "Joseph Breed & Susannah Newhall both of Lynn".

They had the following children:
i. Theophilus
ii. Ruth
iii. Sarah
iv. Joseph1 (Twin)
v. Susanna (Twin)
vi. Lydia
vii. Joseph2
viii. Mary
ix. Ephriam

28. v. Ruth BREED Ruth was born on 13 September 1693 in Lynn, Essex co., MA[75] as "Bread, Ruthe" and died before 1714; she was 20.
29. vi. Elizabeth BREED Elizabeth was born on 6 October 1695 in Lynn, Essex co., MA[75,84] as "Bread, Elizabeth" and died on 7 February 1770; she was 74[84]. On 8 November 1718 when Elizabeth was 23, she married Ensign Ebeneezer NEWHALL, son of Ensign Joseph NEWHALL & Susanna FARRAR [84]. A marriage intention was published for them in Lynn as well. Ebeneezer was born on 3 June 1693[85] and died on 22 June 1766; he was 73[84]. He was an invalid in the last few years of his life. Ebeneezer was a Weaver or cloathier[84] and is Waters #96.

They had the following children (surnamed NEWHALL):
i. Eunice
ii. Elizabeth
iii. Ebeneezer
iv. Nehemiah
v. Mehitable
vi. Ezra

30. vii. Matthew1 BREED Matthew1 was born on 22 November 1697 in Lynn, Essex co., MA[75] as "Bread, Mathew" and died on 25 January 1697/8 in Lynn, Essex co., MA[3] as "Bread, Mathew".
31. viii. Matthew2 BREED Matthew2 was born on 31 January 1698/9 in Lynn, Essex co., MA[75] as "Bread, Mathew". He married Mary STOCKER.
32. ix. Mercy BREED Mercy was born on 20 July 1701 in Lynn, Essex co., MA[75] as "Bread, Marce" and died on 6 June 1750; she was 48. She married Robert POTTER.
33. x. Mehitable BREED Mehitable was born on 21 December 1704 in Lynn, Essex co., MA[75] as "Bread, Mehitabell" and died on 14 July 1738; she was 33. She married Jacob EATON.
34. xi. Allen BREED Please see his own page.

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great-great (G6) Grandfather
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