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Thomas and Jane Walford are examples of New England settlers who are not discussed as often as the Puritans of Massachusetts and expatriated convicts of Barbados and Virginia. They embody those who were originally recruited to settle New England and were referred to as "Adventurers". The Walfords emigrated probably with Robert Gorges in 1623 and, unlike most other families who came with Gorges, they stayed. Thomas and Jane were the founders of what is now Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA. Their reasons for emigrating clearly involved adventure and the hope of a better life than the one left behind somewhere in England and, thus, they found themselves out of place when the Great Migration began in earnest in 1630 and Puritans flooded the Boston area. Supposedly, Thomas' lineage can be traced to 1399 in the Devonshire area of England.

Neither Thomas nor Jane was a pushover shrinking violet. Thomas took on the Puritan authorities in Massachusetts until he finally headed north to the New Hampshire wilderness to find better living conditions. His wife Jane repeatedly faced down in Court neighbors who accused her of witchcraft -- winning every case she brought or faced on these charges. They prospered in the Portsmouth, Rockingham co., NH area and Thomas was a wealthy landowner by the time of his death 30 years after losing everything in Massachusetts. All in all, theirs is one of the more remarkable stories in the family tree.

As with the Amazeen Register Report, note the story of "Lithobolia..." which is related below under Hannah Walfordıs entry. What at first seemed to be a notation of an odd, supernatural incident in one of Depp's sources is actually the tip of the iceberg in a story of land disputes, witchcraft accusations and -- it must be admitted -- an incredible series of supernatural incidents at the home of John Amazeen's neighbor George Walton. The tale involves John Amazeen and the Walford family and may have ultimately had some influence in the Salem Witch Hysteria of 1692. It is a remarkable story.

Name variations found include: Walford, Wilford, Wolford & Woolford.

Jane [surname not known]

Jeremiah WALFORD


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