1632-1718 - Tring, Hertfordshire, England and Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA

(Second Generation - Sweetser Family)


BIRTH, BAPTISM & DEATH Benjamin was born in 1632 in Tring, Hertfordshire, England and died in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA on 22 July 1718; he was 86[2]. Benjamin was baptized in Tring, Hertfordshire, England on 7 December 1632.
OCCUPATION He was a Lastmaker.
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP Wyman maintains that Benjamin was "an eminent Baptist"[2]. Interesting, since his wife's brother Michael was an eminent Puritan minister.
RESIDENCE & REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS In 1660, Benjamin received a house and 8 acres of land, 1 acre of salt marsh and 1 cow common from his father, Seth[2]. He bought 15-1/2 acres of land at Spot Pond in 1673 from W. Allen. In 1676, Benjamin bought a further 15-1/2 acres from W. Dade, 5 acres from John Scott and 2 acres from R. Lowden in the Charlestown area. His sister Sarah deeded a house and 1-1/2 acres of land to Benjamin in 1680 and deeded him a right in their father's house in exchange for her maintenance in 1682.

In 1681, Benjamin was granted one cow common in Charlestown. P Tufts, Jr. bought 1-1/4 acres, 10 poles of land from Benjamin in 1681. He received a grant of 3-1/2 acres on the north side of the Menotomy Road in 1693/4. This went to his son-in-law Andrew Stimpson in 1698/9. He further sold 11-1/2 acres of land to Thomas Wyman in 1700, pastureland to Samuel Frothingham in 1708 and bought one acre from Caleb Gardener in 1710[2].

ESTATE Benjamin's will was written on 5 May 1716 and proved on 12 August 1718. According to Wyman, it was "devised to wife, use of part house, also the orchard; after decease, to son Benjamin; to Benjamin and Samuel, farm at Mystic side and wood-lot at Spot Pond; to Samuel, 4 acres within the fence to river; to Joseph, 1/2 acre for house-plot, if he intends to build, 4 poles front on highway, nest to Capt. S. Frothingham; to son Wigglesworth; to 2 daus and to Baptist ministers, legacies; residue to Seth."[2]
MARRIAGE Circa 1660 when Benjamin was 28, he married Abigail WIGGLESWORTH, daughter of Edward WIGGLESWORTH & [not known], in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA[3,11,12,7,13,14]. Abigail was born in 1640 and was baptized on 13 December 1640. According to Wyman, the evidence of Abigail's last name being Wigglesworth is "...conjectured to be probable, because (1) the name was given to a son, (2) there was an Abigail Wigglesworth unsupplied with a husband, and (3) she, sister of a minister, was accepted by a minister as her 2nd husband..."[2]

CHILDREN i. Abigail SWEETSER Abigail married Andrew STEVENSON or STIMPSON, son of Andrew STEVENSON and in 1678 in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA[2].
ii. Bethia SWEETSER Bethia was born on 30 October 1663 in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA. She first married Edward PAINE and second married Isaac WHEELER[2].
iii. Benjamin SWEETSER Benjamin was born on 21 April 1666 in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA[2] and died in Malden, Middlesex co., MA on 23 September 1720; he was 54[16].
iv. Seth SWEETSER Seth was born on 7 July 1668 in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA[2].
v. Joseph SWEETSER Joseph was born on 14 January 1670 in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA[2].
vi. Samuel SWEETSER Please see his own page.
vii. Wigglesworth SWEETSER Wigglesworth was born on 28 May 1677 in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA[2].

GENERATION G7 (Great-great-great-great-great-great-great) Grandfather
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