(1710-1805) - South Reading and Reading, Middlesex co., MA

(Fifth Generation - Smith Family)


BIRTH & DEATH Mary was born on 10 September 1710 in Reading, Middlesex co., MA[33,45] and died in South Reading (now Wakefield), Middlesex co., MA on 14 September 1805; she was 95[47]. Old Age was given as her cause of death[47].
MARRIAGE On 18 November 1731 when Mary was 21, she married Michael SWEETSER, son of Samuel SWEETSER & Elizabeth SPRAGUE, in Malden, Middlesex co., MA by The Reverend J. Emerson[48].

CHILDREN (surnamed SWEETSER) i. Samuel SWEETSER Please see his own page.
ii. William SWEETSER
iii. Michael1 SWEETSER
iv. Michael2 SWEETSER
vi. Martha SWEETSER
vii. Paul SWEETSER
viii. Sarah SWEETSER
ix. Lydia SWEETSER
x. Cornelious SWEETSER
xi. Abigal SWEETSER
xii. Elisabeth SWEETSER

MARRIAGE #2 On 6 January 1662/3 when John was 41, he second married Mary BILL, in Reading, Middlesex co., MA or Boston, Suffolk co., MA[2,9, 16,15, 22,23,24,25]. Mary was born circa 1645 and died in Chelsea, MA on 6 February 1693/4; she was 48[14]. She is also buried in North Chelsea (now Revere), Suffolk co., MA[4]. Note that on her marriage record, she is called "Martha" and is said to be "from Boston". The family genealogy claims that she came over on the Planter in 1635 at 11 years of age[2]. This is obviously impossible since she wasn't even born until 1645.

CHILDREN 14. i. James SMITH James was born on 13 September 1663 in Reading, Middlesex co., MA[2,14,30].
15. ii. Jemima SMITH Jemima was born on 29 May 1665 in Winnissimmet (now Chelsea), Suffolk co., MA as "South, Jemima, d. of Lieut. John..9b. at Winesimett, M.R.[2,14,30]. Jemima was born at Winesimmet, but her birth was recorded at Reading.

Jemima married Paul MAVERICK, son of ,b>Elias MAVERICK & Anna HARRIS. Born on 10 June 1657 in Boston, Suffolk co., MA as "Paul of Elias & Anne Mavericke"[43,44].

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great (G5) Grandmother
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