(ca. 1610-1682) - possibly London, Middlesex, England; Salem & Rowley, Essex co., MA

(Second Generation - Scales Family)


BIRTH, DEATH & BURIAL William was born circa 1610 in London, Hampstead, Middlesex, England, according to family tradition[1]. William was buried on 10 July 1682 in Rowley, Essex co., MA[4].
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP & MIGRATION While in England, William and Ann were parishioners of The Reverend Ezekiel Rogers of the church at Rowley, near Hull, Yorkshire, England[1]. William remained a staunch supporter of the Puritan Mr. Rogers all his life. Mr. Rogers brought over 20 families "of good estate" to New England in 1638 aboard the John[1]. This passage is not recorded in Coldham, but, according to Scales, they arrived in December and wintered at Salem, Essex co., MA[5].
RESIDENCES The Rogers group bought, cleared and settled the land now known as Rowley, Essex co., MA by 1640[5]. The number of emigrant families from Rowley, Yorkshire, England now numbered 60. The town was incorporated on 13 May 1640[5]. William received a land grant of 1.5 acres on Whethersfield Street. This was the family homestead in which William & Ann and later James & Sarah lived[5]. William engaged in lumber, farming & stock-raising[5].
FREEMAN & TOWN SERVICE All the heads of Rowley households were made Freemen there on 13 May 1640[5]. William never served the town as he was "too deeply engaged in business affairs[5]."
MARRIAGE By 1657 when William was 47, he married Ann [surname not known], in Rowley, Essex co., MA[6,7,8,9,10]. She was buried on 26 September 1682 in Rowley, Essex co., MA[4].

CHILDREN 4. i. William SCALES William died on 26 January 1670. He was killed by the falling of a tree[3].
5. ii. Matthew SCALES Matthew died on 24 August 1675 in Hatfield, MA. Matthew served with Captain Thomas Lathrop as a private and was killed in the "Battle of South Deerfield" at Whatley, Franklin co., MA during King Philip's War[3,14].

Matthew's death was quite needless. The powers that were in Boston sent mililtia from all over eastern Massachusetts to defend the Connecticut Valley area a hundred or more miles to the west. Matthew was a member of the Beverly, Essex co., MA company, under the command of Captain Thomas Lathrop. The easterners knew nothing of the terrain, peacefulness or hostility of the surrounding tribes or general history of the area. In fact, they did not really have much of a mandate beyond "address the situation". Lathrop's company combined with the Watertown, Middlesex co., MA militia under the command of Richard Beers and on 24 August 1675, they were ordered to "surprise and disarm" the natives at the Norwottock village near Northampton, Hampshire co., MA. Unfortunately, the target village belonged to a tribe that was peaceful and previously held no hostilities toward the English[43].

As the English force of roughly one hundred men approached, the Norwottock fled the village. Half of the English force went to defend Hatfield, Hampshire co., MA from what they thought was an imminent attack and the other half gave chase. They caught up with the fleeing natives at Wequomps (now Sugarloaf) Mountain and the Norwottock ran into the Hopewell Swamp. There they set a defensive ambush, should the English force follow them in. The English did so and the fight ensued. Three hours later, it was over and when the smoke cleared, 9 Englishmen one of them Matthew Scales had lost their lives.

Puritan historians painted the "Battle of South Deerfield" as a great English victory -- which was badly needed at the time. Unfortunately, the only true outcome of this battle was the fact that the previously neutral Norwottock joined the forces of hostile natives as deadly enemies of the English[43].

6. iii. James SCALES Please see his own page.

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G9) Grandfather
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