ca. 1841+ - co. Sligo, Ireland; Winchester & Woburn, Middlesex co., MA

(Second Generation - O'Connor Family)

KATE [surname not known]

BIRTH Michael was born on 21 May 1841 in co. Sligo, Ireland[1,2,3]. This is verified by his daughter Lena's Birth Record & Michael's own Citizenship Papers Also, Michael was age 36 at the time of his second marriage in 1878.
OCCUPATION His lifelong occupation was as a Currier[1,2,3].
MIGRATION Michael sailed from Liverpool, England to Boston, Suffolk co., MA on the S. S. Sea King - arriving on 27 October 1858. He is listed as "Michael O'Connell" and is 16 years of age[3].
CITIZENSHIP Michael's intention to be an American citizen was declared on 15 October 1866 and he was naturalized on 24 April 1867 at the age of 26. His brother Felix of Winchester and Peter Meehan of Woburn vouched for him[3,6].
RESIDENCES Michael and Margaret lived in Winchester through 1865 - Michael was age 22 and Margaret age 19. He was in living in Woburn when he applied for citizenship. These papers also indicated that he had lived in Stoneham[3]. They lived in Woburn, Middlessex co., MA at the time of Margaret's death in 1873[7].

The 1865 Winchester Census lists:
OConner, Michael [age] 22 [gender] m [race] w [birthplace] Ire [marital stateus ] m Currier P
OConner, Margaret [age] 19 [gender] f [race] w [birthplace] Ire [marital stateus ] m[4]

FIRST MARRIAGE Michael first married Margaret McCARTHY, daughter of Thomas McCARTHY & Margaret [surname not known]. She was born on 7 August 1847 in Ireland[2,7]. Her birthplace is verified by Lena's birth record. Margaret died of Cholera Morbus in Woburn, Middlesex co., MA on 9 September 1873; she was 26y. 1m. 2d[7]. Her obituary was published in the 20 September 1873 edition of the Woburn Journal.

Her name is listed as "Maggie" on Lena and Mark R. Maddison's Marriage Record[5]. Margaret's surname is given as "Connors" on her death record; yet her husband Michael's surname is given as "O'Connor" on the very same record[7].

CHILDREN 4. i. Alina / Aleen / Lena O'CONNOR Please see her own page.
ii. Mary O'CONNOR Mary was born on 12 August 1867 in Woburn, Middlesex co., MA.
iii. Emma O'CONNOR Emma was born on 17 August 1869 in Woburn, Middlesex co., MA.
iv. Maggie O'CONNOR Maggie was born on 11 August 1871 in Woburn, Middlesex co., MA.
SECOND MARRIAGE On 3 March 1878 when Michael was 36, he second married Margaret McDONALD, daughter of Alexander McDONALD & Flora [surname not known] of Burlington, Middlesex co., MA, in Woburn, Middlesex co., MA[1] by The Reverend James A. Gleason. She was born in 1843 in Nova Scotia, Canada[1].

GENERATION G2 (Great-great) Grandfather
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9. Arthur Blake Maddison & Marian Louise Newhall Marriage Record, 1 June 1922, Lynn, Essex co., MA, 1922, 455, A436015 - Registered Number 347, Intention Number 360, Commonwealth of MA Vital Records.

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