ca. 1841+ - co. Sligo, Ireland; Winchester & Woburn, Middlesex co., MA

(Second Generation - O'Connor Family)


BIRTH Lena was born as Alina (or Aleena) O'Connor on 2 August 1865 in Winchester, Middlesex co., MA[2,5,11].
DEATH & BURIAL Lena died in Lynn, Essex co., MA on 6 January 1959; she was 93y. 5m. 4d[12,13]. She is buried in Pine Grove Cemetary, Lynn, Essex co., MA[12]. The cause of her death was given as: Lobar Pneumonia (7 days), due to Arteriosclerosis (10 years), due to Senility (5 years)[12].
NAME NOTES The evolution of Lena's name parallels that of most Irish of her era. Her birth name was Alina (in the Winchester VRs) or Aleena (in the Woburn VRs) O'Connor. She went by the shortened form of "Lena" her whole life. At the time of her marriage, she gave her surname as "Connor[s]" - reflecting how many Irish of the time hid their Irish roots with anglicized versions of their surnames. On her son, Arthur's, marriage certificate, her name was still given as the anglicized Lena K. Connors[11]. But, by the time of her death in the 1950's, her maiden name was once again given as the true "O'Connor".
RESIDENCE, ETC. Lena was of Woburn, Middlessex co., MA at the time of her marriage[5]. It appears that Lena & Mark met while Mark and her father Michael were working together as Curriers. Mark was also a immigrant, from Nova Scotia, Canada, although his family seems to be of English origin.
MARRIAGE On 19 April 1884 when Lena was 18, she married Mark R. MADDISON[11], son of Mark MADDISON & Martha [surname not known], in Woburn, Middlesex co., MA[5,14] by The Reverend Leander Thompson.

Lena lied about her age on her marriage certificate in 1884, claiming an age of 21, but has a Birth Record of 1865. Her husband Mark Maddison also lied about his age, but to try to make himself appear to be younger than he was.

CHILDREN (surnamed MADDISON) i. Walter F. Walter was born in 1887.
ii. Arthur Blake MADDISON Please see his own page.
iii. Leonard MADDISON According to family lore, Leonard died young.

GENERATION G1 (Great) Grandmother
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