ca. 1820+ - co. Sligo, Ireland

(First Generation - O'Connor Family)


GENERAL INFORMATION Michael married Kate [surname not known]. Michael and Kate's names are known only from their mention on his son's second Marriage Record[1].

CHILDREN 2. i. Michael O'CONNOR Please see his own page.
ii. Felix O'CONNOR
Felix was born on 29 September 1832 in co. Sligo, Ireland[8]. Felix was a Laborer and later a Currier and was a witness for Michael on his citizenship papers. He was still living in Winchester, Middlesex co., MA in 1870 and through the turn of the century.
1865 Winchester, Middlesex co., MA Census entry:
OConner, Felix [age] 37 [gender] m [race] w [birthplace] Ire [marital status ]m Currior[sic] PN
OConner, Ellen [age] 29 [gender] f [race] w [birthplace] Ire [marital status ]m
OConner, Ella M. [age] 4 [gender] f [race] w [birthplace] MA [marital status ]s
OConner, John M. [age] 3 [gender] m [race] w [birthplace] MA [marital status ] s
OConner, Felix, Jr. [age] 10m [gender] m [race] w [birthplace] MA [marital status ][4]

Felix arrived in Boston 12 December 1852[8] and declared his intention to become a citizen on 31 August 1854[8] and was admitted as a citizen on 24 October 1864. Ironically, Peleg Sprague (see the Sprague familiy information) was one of the judges who heard his case and granted him citizenship[9,10].

Felix married Ellen [surname not known].

They had the following children:
i. Ella M.
ii. John M.
iii. Felix, Jr.

GENERATION G3 (Great-great-great) Grandfather
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