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This family is the portal to many historical and royal figures in British/European history, as well as the current "original person" in the family tree -- a Roman Proconsul named Afranius Syagrius, who was known to be living in 384 C.E. I've given the subject of "What is so all-fired important about Mary Gye?" its own treatment page -- as it deserves.

In Chancery Proceedings which date from before 1515, "John Gye of Kingsbridge" sued one "John Bodley" over lands in St. Sidwell's, Exeter, Devoshire, England. This indicates that the Gye family of Dodderidge originated in Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England. A review of Devon and Cornwall Notes and Queries (volumes 5,8 and 10) reveals that this Gye family was seated in Kingsbridge as early as 1374.

Surname variations include: Gee, Geeye, Gey, Gie, Guy, Guye and Gye.

Generation Husband
Wife Person #s

G12. twice
John GYE
Elizabeth SPENCER
29,864 / 29,865 (via Elias Maverick) and 29,992 / 29,993 (via Moses Maverick)

G11. twice
John GYE
14,932 / 14,933 (via Elias Maverick) and 14,996 / 14,997 (via Moses Maverick)

G10. twice
Robert GYE
7466 / 7467 (via Elias Maverick) and 7498 / 7499 (via Moses Maverick)

Reverend John MAVERICK
Mary GYE
3732 / 3733 (via Elias Maverick) and 3738 / 3749 (via Moses Maverick)

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