Mary Gye's Importance

So, what is so all-fired important about Mary Gye?

Through this one woman, the family line connects to most of the major royal houses of Europe and many historical figures.

The line connects the author to Mary Gye through two of her sons: one line through Elias Maverick and a second line through Moses Maverick. Incidentally, Moses' line also is the one which connects to the Mayflower family, Allerton.

The Many Nifty Lines Through Mary Gye - posted as we get to 'em

Nifty Line 1
To France in the 600s through the Earl of Devonshire; First Earl of Leicester and a companion to William The Conqueror at Hastings; Kings Bernard & Pepin of Italy; Charlemagne; King Pepin of the Franks; Saint Liéven; and others.
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