(ca. 1610-1690/1) - Towcester, Northamptonshire, England; Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA

(First Generation - Gould Family)


BIRTH John was born circa 1610 in England[1,2]. This is estimated from the fact that he was aged 66 in 1676.
DEATH John died in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA on 21 March 1690/1; he was 80[1,2].
MIGRATION John Gould, aged 25 and a husbandman of Towcester, Northamptonshire, England and his wife Grace, 25, sailed on the Defence from London to New England. First Mr. Edward Pearce, was master of the ship, but he was replaced before the voyage by Thomas Bostock. The ship embarked 20 June 1635 until it sailed on 18 July 1635[3]. The Goulds were some of the first to embark on the ship. They embarked on 20 June 1635. "In the Defence de Lond. m. PEARCE vrs. New England p. Cert fro two Justices of Peace & Minister of Towcester in Co. Northampton:
Jon GOULD - 25 yers husbandman
GRACE his wife - 25 yers.[4]"
FREEMANSHIP He must have made Freeman (since he was allowed to serve in the militia), but I've not yet found record of it.
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP John was admitted to the Church at Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA on 25d:1m(March):1638[2].
OCCUPATION Once here, he also changed his profession from Husbandman to Carpenter[2].
MILITARY SERVICE In 1682, when he was 73 years old, John was excused from training with the militia[2].
RESIDENCE & REAL ESTATE John was an official inhabitant of Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA by 1635. He was still taxed in Charlestown in 1658[2]. By 1636, John Gould owned 6 lots in Charlestown: his own house-lot was north of Mill Hill and he had title to 1 cow common. In addition, he owned 4 acres in Linefield; 1.5 acres in the Mystic marshes; 10 acres in the Mystic woods and 25 acres in the Waterfield That same year, he also acquired 1/2 of hay-lot number 3. On 22 September 1636, he was also given leave to build by Mr. Bunker's new house in order to keep double rails to low water.

In 1648/9, He sold two acres of land in Charlestown to R. Hale. In 1649, he bought 1/2 of a cow common from Abraham Hill. That same year, he sold his house & lot to W. Edmands and sold 6 acres on Molton Point, Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA -- "not desc." -- to Major Solomon Phipps, with £7 to be paid by Phipps by 29d:7m(September):1649/50. This latter deed was officially recorded in 1685[2]. In 1650, John and his wife Jane sold 9 acres of land in Charlestown. This deed was officially recorded in 1664. In 1654, they sold 8 acres to H. Dunster.

In 1687, John & his wife Hannah [a.k.a. Johanna] gave or sold a lot of land to their son Daniel. The deed was officially recorded in 1697, with John Gould, Jr. as witness[2]. Finally, in 1689/90, they made a gift of deed to their grandson Thomas Gould, Jr., son of John's now-deceased oldest son, Thomas Gould, Sr.[2]
ESTATE John Gould's will was dated 3 January 1688/9 and was probated on 19 June 1691. The aforementioned Thomas Gould, Jr. inherited the land by the pond from "slues" to Cutler's Hill, with the dam, John Gould Jr.'s fence & Thomas Cutler's land serving as boundaries. If Thomas died, this land was to go to his uncle John Gould, Jr. Apparently, the younger Thomas did, indeed, die without issue and the land reverted to his uncle John. For, in 1709/10, the "...lot willed by father to his gr.-son Thomas..." was given by John2 Gould, Jr. to his own son, Daniel[2].

Sarah Gould's husband, John Burbeen was left 5s. Sons John Gould, Jr. & Daniel Gould were to inherit all the "moveables" after their mother Johanna/Hannah died. Daniel Gould & N. Cowdry were named executors of the estate[2].
MARRIAGE #1 Before 1635 when John was 25, he first married Grace [surname not known], in England[1,2,5], who died after 20 June 1635[3,4]. On that date, she and her husband John embarked aboard the Defence. Beyond that, we have no definite records of Grace Gould. Thomas could have been their child or may have been the child of John Gould & his second wife, Mary.

POSSIBLE CHILD 2. i. Thomas GOULD Thomas was born in 1635 and married Hannah [surname not known]. They had a son named Thomas, who is mentioned in a gift of deed and will of his grandfather, John Gould. Thomas, Sr. was dead by 1689/90, when the fact that he was "deceased" was mentioned in a gift of deed made by his father John & step-mother Joanna to his son, Thomas, Jr. Thomas, Jr., in turn, was deceased by 1709/10, when the land he had inherited from his grandfather was given by his uncle John Gould, Jr. to his son, Daniel[2].

MARRIAGE #2 By 1636 when John was 26, he second married Mary [surname not known], in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA[1,2,5,6,7]. Their marriage date is estimated from the fact that their first child was born in 1636/7 (early 1637). Mary died in 28d:7m(September)1642 in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA[1,2]. Mary was admitted to the Church in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA on 8d:11m(February):1636/7[2].

CHILDREN 3. i. Mary GOULD Mary was born in 1636/7 in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA and was baptized there on 29d:11m(January):1636/7[2].
4. ii. Sarah GOULD Sarah was born in 1637 in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA and was baptized on 15d:10m(December):1637[2]. In 1660 when Sarah was 23, she married John BURBEEN, in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA[2]. He was left 5s. in John Gould's will.
5. iii. Elizabeth GOULD Elizabeth was born in 1639/40 in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA. At the age of 1, she was baptized there on 17d:12m(February):1639/40[2].
6. iv. Abigail GOULD Abigail was born in 1641/2 in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA. At the age of 1, Abigail was baptized there on 26d:12m(February):1641/2[2]. In 1669 when Abigail was 28, she first married William ROGERS, in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA[2]. In 1688/9 when Abigail was 47, she second married John ROGERS, in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA[2].

MARRIAGE #2 Before 1644 when John was 34, he third married Joanna [surname not known], in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA[1,2,5,8,9]. Joanna was also referred to as Hannah & Johanna in the records and was born in 1608[1]. She died in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA on 27 August 1697; she was 89[1,2].

Joanna was aged 50 in court documents of 1658, but was called "aged 100 years" at the time of her death per record[2]. The former seems more likely. The latter is based upon a notation in Wyman: "In Admin. Account, mention was made of keeping aged mother of deceased 7 years, being nearly 100 years old[10]." I'm sure that a woman of 89 bloody well seemed to be "nearly 100" at that time and/or her age was exaggerated for the benefit of the court.

CHILDREN 7. i. Hannah GOULD Hannah was born on 26d: 8m(October): 1644 in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA[2].
8. ii. John1 GOULD John1 was born on 21d: 11m(January): 1646/7 in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA[2] and died in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA on 8d:1m(March):1647; he was 1[2].
9. iii. John2 GOULD Please see his own page.
10. iv. Daniel GOULD Daniel was born in 1655 in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA[2] and was aged "20, in 1675". He married Dorcas BELCHER, daughter of Jeremy BELCHER & Mary LOCKWOOD.

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G9) Grandfather
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