(1714-1741/2) - Beverly and Lynn, Essex co., MA

(Fourth Generation - Giles Family)


BIRTH Ebeneezer was born on 10 May 1714 in Beverly, Essex co., MA[60].
DEATH Ebeneezer's death record is probably: "Ebeneezer 'young' 9d: 11m: 1741/2", due to the fact that they had only one child and Eve's remarriage in 1748.
RESIDENCES He was "of Beverly" on his marriage record[62], but apparently moved to his wife's hometown of Lynn, Essex co., MA after their marriage.
MARRIAGE On 7 August 1739 when Ebeneezer was 25, he married Eve HAWKES daughter of John HAWKES Jr. & Mary/Margery WHITFORD, in Lynn, Essex co., MA[62]. An Intention was also filed. Their marriage record reads: "Giles, Ebeneezre and Eve Hawkes of Lynn, at Lynn".

CHILDREN 19. i. Mary GILES Please see her own page.

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great (G5) Grandfather
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