(1588-1670) - Olney, Buckinghamshire, England, Southampton, Long Island, NY & Lynn, Essex co., MA

(First Generation - Farrington Family)


BIRTH Edmund was born circa 1588 in Olney, Buckinghamshire, England[1,2]. His birth year is estimated from the fact that he was aged 47 when he migrated in 1635.
DEATH Edmund died in Lynn, Essex co., MA as "Farrington, Edmond" on 20d:11m(January):1670; he was 82[2,3,4].2,3,4.
MIGRATION Edmund; his wife, Elizabeth; and their children, Sarah, John, Elizabeth, Mathew " Martha migrated from England to America aboard the Hopewell; of London, William Bundocke, master, embarking 1-6 April 1635 and sailing from London, Middlesex, England on 6 April 1635 and arriving in Boston, Suffolk co., MA in June 1635[6]. Their children, Thomas, Edward and Joseph stayed in England. They are listed on the ship's manifest as "Edmond Farrington of Oney 47, his wife Elizabeth 49, and their children Sarra 14, Mathew 12, John 11, and Elizabeth 8"[21]. Edmond had taken the oath of Allegiance[1]. These records are currently located in Westminster Hall, London.
OCCUPATIONS Edmond became a Farmer, the Owner of the "well known tidemill in Lynn" and a Fellmonger[5,6]. A Fellmonger both prepared hides (especially sheep hides) by removing the hair from them and drying them and also one who was a dealer for hides & skins. His occupation as "Fellmonger" is substantiated by court documents of 1 December 1654, in which William Lyon, the son of John Lyon of Marblehead, said in court that he was apprenticed to "Edmond Farrinton of Lyn, fellmonger" for a period of eleven years[6,8]. He later also became the Corn Miller in Lynn, when he built the aforementioned tidemill.
EDUCATION Edmond was not educated and could only "sign by mark" to the Southampton documents[7] and his own will.
RESIDENCE & REAL ESTATE Edmond settled immediately in Lynn, Essex co., MA. He contributed greatly to the establishment of the new settlement of Lynn and was granted 200 acres of land in the 1638 Land Distribution of Lynn[23,25]. This was one of the larger land grants and indicated that Edmond had contributed a great deal of money to the town during its founding. His parcel was west of Myrtle and Federal Streets and he established his homestead partly on the western side of Federal Street and partly on the western side of Myrtle Street in an area known as "Farrington's Field".

On 4 July 1653, "Edmond Farrington" sold to Joseph Pope and Samuel Eborne "two hundred acres of upland & meadow within the bound of Lin and two acres of meadow lying in the Great Meadow about half a mile from the 200 acres"[23,26].

Edmund served on the Essex County Grand Jury on 28 November 1654 and 26 June 1655[23,29]. That same year, Edmund built a corn mill on Water Hill -- the watercourse dug for this was called "Farrington's Canal".

On 22 May 1666, "Edmond Farrington of Linn..., yeoman," deeded to "my son Mathew Farrington the one-half of my cornmill with the utensils thereto belonging, with all the profits, produce & effects arising therefrom, except the toll of my son Fuller's grist, which is well & duly to be ground toll free during the life of my daughter Elizabeth his wife. I do likewise five to my son Mathew Farrington the one-half of the mill house, houses, barn & half the upland & meadow that I bought of Nicholas Browne, & half my salt marsh in the Town Marsh," in return for which Mathew Farrington will maintain his father and mother for the rest of their lives, and pay to "my son John Fuller, his heirs or assigns, the sum of ten pounds sterling at my decease.[23,27]"

On 3 December 1669, "Edmond Farrington of Linn..., yeoman," deeded to "Mathew Farrington of the same Linn...the one-half of all & singular my tide mill at Linn aforesaid, with the housen, barn & several parcels of land thereto belonging"[23,28].

FOUNDING OF SOUTHAMPTON Edmund was also one of the investors in the settlement of Southampton, Long Island, NY -- along with Allen Breed, Thomas Newhall and Edmund Needham, among others. In 1640, nine original undertakers were sent by Governor Winthrop to sail from Lynn, Essex co., MA and make the first English settlement in what became Southampton, Long Island, New York. Some claim that he was one of the original 9 undertakers to travel there; however, there is no extant concrete evidence that he actually went there[11,30]. They mistakenly landed on Dutch Territory and six of the nine men were briefly detained by the Dutch. Eventually all was sorted out and the settlement on Long Island thrived.
TOWN SERVICE Edmund served on the Essex County Grand Jury on 28 November 1654 and 26 June 1655[23,29].
MILITARY SERVICE Edmund had initially served in the local militia but on 3 July 1646, he and Robert Mansfield were "freed from common training, keeping their arms complete"[22,23]. He was later fined for not training with the militia, but appealed and on 26 December 1648, "Edmund Farrington, on account of age, at his request," was freed from fine for not training[23,24]. He was fifty years old at the time.
LEGAL MENTION "Ed. Farington" was owed money -- the amount was not specified -- in the estate inventory of Abraham Belknap of Lynn, Essex co., MA on 16d:12m(February):1643[9].

On 14 November 1648, Edmund & Joseph Armitage stood as sureties for the good behavior of Thomas Beale, who was fined for abusing the Lynn watch[10]. On 15 November 1648, Edmund Farrington and other Lynn men were fined for failing to fence their share of the common field against "great cattle"[11,12].

On 27 March 1649, Edmund Farrington sued William Flint for "taking away hay"[13]; the case was reviewed on 25 September 1649[14], and was heard again on 26 March 1650, at which time the judgement was reversed[15]. In September 1650, Edmund was still having trouble wiht hay, suing William Flint again[16]; this case was reviewed in March 1651[11,17].

On 28 June 1649, as a result of ill-advised words, Edmund was called to account for stating that he wished Major Endicott to hear his son Mathew's court case against Goodman Edwards, because "he had given him apple trees." Edmund was required to publicly apologize for implying that he had bribed Endicott[11,18].

On 29 June 1653, Edward Kemp and Edmund Farrington were presented at court for being drunk[11,19].

ESTATE Edmund's will was written on 12 August 1667, proved in Ipswich Court on 28 March 1671 by Nathaniel Kertland, Sr., inventoried on 25d:1m(March): 1671 and attested to in Ipswich Court on 28 March 1671 by Mathew Farrington[20].

The Last will and Testiment of Edmond ffarrington this 12 of august 1667.

I Emond ffarington Being being sike of Body But of perffect memory Impr I bequeth my body to the Earth and my Soull to god who gaue it And my Estat in this world as followeth Imp. I giue to my wiff Elizabeth my half of my land and Corn mill durring Her maturrall liff and to my Son Mathue ||ffarrington|| After Her deseas Itt I giue all my moueables to my wiffe Ir I giue my Sone Edward ffarrington Twenty shillings to be paye ||him|| after my deceas Itt I giu to my Sone Roberd terry twenty shillings to be payd ||him|| After my deceas Itt I giu to my daughter Elizabeth ffuller ten pounds to be payd her affter my deceas I make my Sone Mathuw ffarington my Exce||qu||tor of this my last will and testyment to wich I sett my hand thes day and year abou written.

Edmond (his E mark) ffarrington.

Witness: Nathanill Kirtland, John (his X mark) wit.

Inventory was presented on 25d:1m(March):1671 by "Elezabeth. the wife of Edmond ffarington, and Mathre ffarington, his son, taken by Joseph Armitage and Thomas Newhall". It is a surprisingly thin estate for one so rich & influential during his lifetime:

his wareinge aparill, 5li. 5s.;
in bedinge and linene, 12li. 10s.;
in brase and puetor, 4li. 16s.;
in lumber, 2li. 5s. 6d.
total, 24li. 16s. 6[d].
MARRIAGE On 29 November 1613 when Edmund was 25, he married Elizabeth NEWHALL, daughter of [not known] NEWHALL, in Sherington, Buckinghamshire, England[2,31,32,33,34,35,36]. Her name is given as "Nuall" in their marriage records.

CHILDREN 2. i. Edward FARRINGTON, Jr. Edward was born circa 1615 in Olney, Buckinghamshire, England[31]. He remained in England. Edward married Dorothy BROWNE, daughter of Thomas BROWNE.
3. ii. Thomas FARRINGTON Thomas was born circa 1617 in Olney, Buckinghamshire, England[31] and also remained in England. He signed the 1640 agreement to settle Southampton and, along with his brother Edward Farrington owed money to the town of Southampton on 6 March 1644/5[38]. Thomas married Helena APPLEGATE, daughter of Thomas APPLEGATE.
4. iii. Sarah FARRINGTON Sarah was born in 1619 in Olney, Buckinghamshire, England and baptized in Sherrington, Buckinghamshire, England on 5 September 1619[31]. She was called variously Sarah and Sarra in records. Sarah migrated with the family in 1635 at the age of 14 and married Robert TERRY.
5. iv. Mathew FARRINGTON, SR. Please see his own page.
6. v. Joseph FARRINGTON Joseph was born before 1621 in Olney, Buckinghamshire, England. Anderson, et. al. do not acknowledge this child. Those that do acknowledge this child believe that he stayed in England.
7. vi. John FARRINGTON John was born in 1622 in Olney, Buckinghamshire, England and baptized there on 15 [month illegible] 1622[31]. John died in Lynn, Essex co., MA on 2 May 1666; he was 44[42].

John's son Edmund (born 1662) of Andover, Essex co., MA had two indictments brought against him for witchcraft in the Salem Witch Trials. One "for Covenanting w'th the Devill Billa" and one for "Aflicting Mary Warren"[43].

Indictment v. Edward Farrington, No. 1

Province of the Massachusetts
Bay in New England Essex ss// Anno'qe RRs & Reginae Guliemi
& Mariae Angliae &c Quarto
Anno'qe \ Dom. 1692

The Jurors for o'r Sov'r Lord & lady the King & Queen Present That Edward Farington of Andivor in the County of Essex afors'd Above fouer or five years Since, In the Towne of Anduor aforesaid Wickedly Mallitiously & feloniously A Covenant with the Devills both Soul & body for ever, And to Serve the devil & Signed the Devills Booke; By which Diabollicall Covenant by him with the Devill Made In Maner & forme aforesaid -- The Said Edward Farington is become a detestable Witch Against the peace of o'r Soveraigne lord & lady the King & Queen their Crowne & dignity & the Laws in that Case made & provided
Wittness his
owne Confestion --
(Reverse) Edward Farington for Covenanting w'th the Devill Billa
Vera Robert Payne foreman files

[Mass. Archives, Vol. 135, No. 51]


Indictment v. Edward Farrington, No. 2

Province of the massathutetts
Bay in New England Essex Anno RRs & Reginae Gulielmi
& Mariae Angliae &c Quarto Anno'qe
\ Dom 1692

The Jurors for our Sovereigne Lord the King & Queen Present That Edward Farrington of Andivor in the County of Essex aforesaid -- And Divers other Dayes & times as well before as after Certaine Detestable arts called witchcrafts & Sorceries Wickedly and Mallishiously & feloniously hath Used Practised & Exercised at & in the Towne of Salem, in the County of Essex aforsed Upon and against one Mary Warren of Salem single Woman By which wicked Arts the said Mary Warren the Day and year aforesd and Divers other Dayes & times as well before as after was and is Tortured Afflicted Pined Tormented Consumed Pined & wasted against the Peace of our Sovereigne Lord and Lady the King and Queen their Crowne and Dignity and the Lawes in that case made and Provided
Wittness Martha Sprague
Ann Puttnam
(Reverse) Edward Farington Aflicting Mary Warren
Billa vera Robert Payne foreman

[Mass. Archives, Vol. 135, No. 52]

John's will can be found in the Salem Quarterly Court Records, volume 4, page 161 and reproduced in The Probate Records of Essex County, Massachusetts, Volume II 1665-1672, pages 45+. He married Elizabeth KNIGHT, daughter of William KNIGHT.

8. vii. Martha FARRINGTON Martha was born in 1623 in Olney, Buckinghamshire, England. Anderson, et. al. do not acknowledge this child and there is no record of her coming to America. This indicates that she probably either did not exist or died before 1635 when the rest of the family emigrated to New England. The latter is possible, the man who would have been her brother, Mathew Farrington, Jr., named one of his daughters "Martha".
9. viii. Elizabeth FARRINGTON Elizabeth was born in 1624 in Olney, Buckinghamshire, England. Elizabeth was baptized in Olney, Buckinghamshire, England on 19 September 1624[11] and married John FULLER.

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G8) Grandfather (via Sarah) & Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G10) Grandfather (via Mathew, Jr.)
FAMILY NUMBER 1812 (via Sarah) and 8088 (via Mathew, Jr.)
SOURCES 1. Edward Carroll Death Record, 19 October 1899, Lynn, Essex co., MA, 1866, 192, p. 186, #337.

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