(circa 1680-after 1722) - Boxford, Essex co., MA

(Only Generation - Harre Family)


NOTE AND SURNAME VARIATIONS This whole line is complicated by the fact that we have a James SCALES who marries a Sarah CURTIS; they have a son named James SCALES and he also marries a woman named Sarah CURTIS. This Sarah CURTIS is the wife of the younger James SCALES. One could assume there is a family link between this Sarah and her daughter-in-law Sarah CURTIS. But it is only an assumption.

I had though that this was a child of Richard CURTIS & Sarah CARWITHEN, from Salem, Essex co., MA. Birth records from there would fit for this Sarah CURTIS. However, John Scales, in his book about the family, indicates that she is the child of Zaccheus & Joanna CURTIS.

SURNAME VARIATIONS Compounding all of this is the fact that surname variations include: Cortes, Cortis, Corties, Courties, Curtious, Courtis, Courtiss, Curteis, Curtes, Curtess, Curtic, Curtice, Curties, Curtis, Curtise, Curtiss and Curttice.
BIRTH Regardless of her parentage, she was born in 1654.
DEATH John Scales claims that she died in the winter of 1690/1, citing the fact that on 23 April 1691, one John Harris of Ipswich, Essex co., MA was appointed guardian of their children "...there being no other relative living to begg ye same..." by the Salem, Essex co., MA Quarterly Court.
MARRIAGE On 7 November 1677 she married James SCALES, son of William SCALES, & Ann [surname not known], in Rowley, Essex co., MA as "Scails, James (Scaels) and Sarah Curtieus".

CHILDREN (surnamed SCALES) i. James SCALES [twin] Please see his own page.
ii. Frances SCALES [twin]
iii. Sarah SCALES
iv. William SCALES
v. Matthew SCALES

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G8) Grandmother

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