ca. 1776+ - Northern Ireland and Massachusetts

(First Generation - Carroll Family)


BIRTH Samuel is believed to have been born in the northern part of Ireland[1]. Samuel's name and place of birth, as well as the first name of his wife, are confirmed by his son Edward's death record[1].
MIGRATION & FAMILY INFORMATION Samuel and his family emigrated from Ireland to Boston in 1801 - in fact, Edward's immigration paper was the oldest the curator at the Federal Archives had ever seen. We know that the family was wealthy enough for father, and later son, to be considered true landed Gentlemen - that is fairly wealthy and "retired". We also know, and this is confirmed by Edward's Naturalization Record, that the family's place of origin is "some part of the North of Ireland"[2]. I theorize that a wealthy, landed Irish family gave up everything and came to America because they were on the wrong side of the Irish Uprising of 1798 and had to flee. Proof, I hope, will be forthcoming.
MARRIAGE Samuell married Sarah [surname not known]. All that we currently know of her is that she was born in Ireland and married to Samuel. Unfortunately, her maiden name is not given. These facts are confirmed by Edward's death record[1].

CHILDREN 2. i. Edward CARROLL Please see his own page.

GENERATION G4 (Great) Grandfather
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