(1583-1666) - England; Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA

(First Generation - Pierce-MA Family)


BIRTH Thomas was born in 1583[1]
DEATH He died on 7 October 1666; he was 83[1].
MIGRATION He was clearly born in England, but we currently do not have his migration information.
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP However, he was in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA by 21d:12m(February):1634/5, when he was admitted to the church there[3].
RESIDENCE & REAL ESTATE In 1635/6, he was granted 4 acres of planting ground in Charlestown[2]. In the 1638 Charlestown Book Of Possessions, Pierce is listed as having 10 lots: 5 acres in the West End with a dwelling house; 1 acre on the South Meade; 1 other acre in the South Meade; 4 acres in Line Field; 4 cow commons; 5 acres of woods in the Mystic field; 3 acres in the Mystic marshes; 1 acres in Mystic Long Meadow; 15 acres of woods in Mystic Field; and 62 acres at Water Field[2].
ESTATE Thomas' will was dated 6 November 1665 at Cambridge, Middlesex co., MA, when Thomas was aged 82 years, and proved on 22 March 1666/7. He left 20s. to Harvard College and gave legacies to the two grandchildren living with him -- Mary Bridge & Elizabeth Jeffs. The rest, he left to his wife, Elizabeth, for as long as she lived. She was also named his executrix. After Elizabeth's death, all of his grandchildren were to get 10s. each and the rest was to be divided amongst his children. His son, John, was named overseer[2].

The inventory of his estate included: House, etc. £60; 12 acres £48; 8 acres commons £32; 6 acres £20; 10 acres marsh £30; 5 commons £30; total £413[2].

MARRIAGE Circa 1612 when Thomas was 29, he married Elizabeth [surname not known], in England[1,4,5,6,7,8,9,3,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19]. Elizabeth was born in England in 1596[1,3]. This birth year is based on the fact that she was aged 71 in 1667. She died sometime after 1667. Since she and Thomas named a daughter "Persis&334;, it is possible that this was her maiden name. Another possibility is that it is a corruption of "Pierce". Regardless, it became a family name for girls. Elizabeth was admitted to the church in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA on 10d:11m(January):1634/5[3].

CHILDREN 2. i. Samuel PIERCE Please see his own page.
3. ii. John PIERCE John was a Mariner from Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA[3]. Apparently, at some point, he removed to London, for he is referred to as "J.P. of London, mariner" in Wyman[3]. In 1648, he bought a house & garden from Grace Smith in Charlestown. In 1655, he sold a house, hay-lot and one-quarter of a cow common to R. Mousal in 1655. The one-quarter cow common had been bought from his sister Persis Pierce Bridges, who was referred to as "widow Bridges, my sister" in the deed. By 1669, he was referred to as "J.P. of Wapping"[3]. John was admitted to the Charlestown Church on 22d:6m(August):1652[3].
4. iii. Thomas PIERCE I currently have no more information on him.
5. iv. Mary PIERCE She married Peter TUFTS.
6. v. Persis PIERCE She married William BRIDGE.
7. vi. Elizabeth PIERCE She married R. NICHOLS.

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G9) Grandfather twice
FAMILY NUMBER 3736 (via Jonathon) and 3804 (via Mary)
SOURCES 1. Edward Carroll Death Record, 19 October 1899, Lynn, Essex co., MA, 1866, 192, p. 186, #337.

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