(- before 1691) - York, York co., ME

(First Generation - Moore Family)


DEATH William died before 12 May 1691 (when his estate was inventoried) in York, York co., ME[1,2].
RESIDENCE & REAL ESTATE We know that William was a resident of York, York co., ME[1] from probably 1640 and certainly 1652 onward at the time, Maine was part of Massachusetts. He received grant from Mr. GODFREY "probably prior to 1640"[3]; was also on the list of "Inhabitants of York at submission to Massachusetts" in November 1652[4]. In 1653, he was granted 20 acres with John HARKER in Maine. In 1655, he and Philip Adams received 80 acres at Hull's Cove from Mr. GODFREY -- this despite the fact that Moore & Godfrey had court actions in October of 1651 and also in 1653[1]. Finally, he received a grant from the town of York, York co., ME in 1674[1].
OCCUPATION William was primarily a Fisherman and Ferryman. In fact, he was given a Ferry monopoly in 1683. He apparently dabbled in retail, being granted a Retail License in 1687 and cited for "retailing without lic." a scant three years later in 1690[1].
CITIZENSHIP & TOWN SERVICE William was a Freeman, having taken the Oath of Allegiance in March of 1679/80[1]. He served the Town via Jury duty in 1678 and 1691[1]. He also signed the "Yorkshire Petition" (as "Will: More") requesting that Major Richard Waldron be restored to his magistorial authority over York county on 5 July 1676 or in 1680 (sources give the two different dates. However, if he was only made Freeman in 1679/80, 1680 is a more likely date for him to have signed a petition.)[1].
WILL His will was dated 31 March 1691 and the inventory of estate was made on 12 May 1691. On 28 October 1691, administration of the estate was granted to his oldest son John[1].
MARRIAGE Circa 1650/1655 William married Dorothy [surname not known] [1], whose father is unknown and whose mother Joane's surname is unknown, in York, York co., ME[2,5]. We know the name of her mother's second husband is William DIXON, as Joane was named in his will dated 13 February 1666, but Dorothy was apparently his stepdaughter[5]. In 1686, the Court ordered William and Dorothy Moore to take their mother, Joane Dixon, into their home and maintain her out of the estate willed to her by her husband, William Dixon, deceased[1].

Dorothy died before 28 October 1693 in York, York co., ME[1]. She was still living on 5 April 1693, but administration of her estate was given to her son John on 28 October 1693. A division of property was made 10 Jan 1693/4 among her "five daughters", omitting daughter Dorothy, a known cousin of James Dixon, for some as yet unknown reason[1].

CHILDREN 2. i. Eleanor MOORE She was born circa 1667 in York co., ME[1] and died in York co., ME in June 1747; she was 80[1, 21]. Her birthdate is estimated from her death record, which indicates that she died in 1747 "in her 80th year"[1].

Eleanor married Richard ROGERS[1] who was born circa 1662 in Kittery, York co., ME[1] and died on 8 June 1740; when he was 78[1,21]. As with Eleanor, his birthdate is estimated from his death record indicating that he was age 78 at the time of his death in 1740, as well as the fact that he was "about 73" in 1735[1]. Richard settled "on the west side of Spruce Creek" in Maine and was "of Saco" in 1687 when, accused of theft along with William Erring, he fled the province[1]. Richard's will was dated 10 July 1737 and proved 30 May 1740.

3. ii. John MOORE Please see his own page.
4. iii. Ann MOORE Ann was born in York co., ME and married Daniel SMITH[1].
5. iv. Dorothy MOORE Dorothy was born in York co., ME[1]. She was given 5 in will-deed of her cousin James Dixon in 1666; yet for reasons unknown she is mentioned neither in her father's will dated 31 March 1691 nor in the division made of her mother's estate on 10 January 1693/4. However, her brother Thomas deeded 20 acres to her husband Daniel Dill circa 1678 as the "portion I am willing to allow to my own sister, Dorothy Moore"[1,22].

Dorothy married Daniel DILL[1], who was born between 1628 and 1633. His birth year is estimated from the ages he gave at several depositions given at York, York co., ME. He was a witness at a trial in York, York co., ME in 1660 and was listed as a Servant to Alexander Maxwell circa 1662. By 1666 his fortunes had improved and he bought land at York, York co., ME from Roland Young. In 1680 and 1689, he also received land grants from the town. However, "[i]n 1678 Daniel Dill was drunk and threatening to kill his wife, who was Dorothy Moore, sister to Thomas."[1,23]

In May 1702 he deeded all to his son John in exchange for support during his lifetime with John to pay the other children's portions after his death. Dorothy was either dead or had been cut out of yet another will. All in all, Dorothy seems to be the star-crossed sibling in this family.

6. v. Elizabeth MOORE Elizabeth married Thomas TRAFTON[1].
7. vi. Robert MOORE Robert married Anna PENWILL[1].
8. vii. Sarah MOORE Sarah was born in York co., ME[1,7]. She first married Zaccheus WELCOM of the Isle of Shoals off the New Hampshire coast Zaccheus died before 1700[1,24], when Sarah's second husband, Henry SPILLER, was granted guardianship of her three children by Zaccheus[1,24].
9. viii. Mary MOORE Mary was born in York co., ME and was captured in an Indian Raid in 1694 along with her brother William. After that, her fate is unknown[1,25].
10. ix. Thomas MOORE Thomas was born in York co., ME and died on 22 April 1718 in York co., ME[1,7]. Thomas settled in York, York co., ME, where he received land grants in 1695 and 1699. He was a Ferryman, receiving his Ferryman's license in 1695 and 1696[1,7]. He was granted administration of his father's estate on 28 October 1693[1].

Thomas served in the militia and was "...with the York men attacked at Winter Harbor..." in September of 1707 [N.B. this is the exact wording given in my sources. Thus, I am not sure if the York Men attacked another party at Winter Harbor or if they were attacked at Winter Harbor.]. In addition, he was part of the party which recovered a stolen boat and took 4 prisoners in 1711 and served under Captain Preble on and Indian Expedition in 1712[1,7].

Thomas married Hannah HARRIS or WILLIAMS, who died after 10 January 1710/11 in York co., ME[1,7]. While we are not sure of her given surname, the Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & New Hampshire avers that she was the "daughter of widow Christian Kar"[7]. At any rate, she was still living when her husband deeded his homestead and his 1699 land grant to Captain Lyons on 10 January 1710/11. Captain Lyons had previously bought Harker's Island from him[1].

11. x. William MOORE William was born in York co., ME and was captured in the same Indian Raid in 1694 in which his sister Mary was taken. His family was uncertain if he were still alive in 1694, but he was discovered living in Canada in 1711[1,7]. After that, his fate is not known.

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G9) Grandfather
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