(1607-after 1649) - Bermondsey, Surrey, England; Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA; Barnstable, Barnstable co., MA

(Second Generation - Learned Family)


BIRTH was born in 1607[2,41], probably in Bermondsey Surrey, England.
DEATH & BURIAL She died sometime after 1649, when he youngest child was born.
MIGRATION The Ewer family came over on the James, Mr. John May, master. Passengers on this trip embarked in London, Middlesex, England from 19 June-13 July. The Ewer family is first on the manifest and is listed as ³Thomas Ewer, tailor, 40; Sara Ewer, 28; Elizabeth Ewer, 4; Thomas Ewer, 1.5² [63,67,68].
RESIDENCE They settled in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA where Thomas Ewer co-owned with Thomas Squire a ³10-acre lot at Mystic side of Joseph Hubbard; and another of same lots² in 1637[44]. Sarah was admitted to the church at Charlestown on 12d:10m(December):1635/6[44] and Thomas was admitted to the church at Charlestown on 8d:11m(January):1635/6[44]. He made Freeman on 3 March 1635/6 -- the first in a sequence of three Charlestown men to take the Oath on that date[41,66]. Sarah must have been a strong, savvy woman, for on 4 December 1638, ³[blank] Ewar was allowed executrix of her husband, Thom[as] Ewar, deceased²[42,43]. Thus, in the 1638 Charlestown Book Of Possessions, Sarah was listed as the owner of 11 lots: a house in Middle Row, right next to the Market Place and Dock Lane; ³3 roods² in East Field with a house; 1.5 acres in High Field; 2 acres at the South Meade; 6.25 cow commons; 8 acres in Line Field; 5 acres in the Mystic Marshes; 5 acres of woods by the driftway; another 5 acres of woods near the driftway towards the North River; 25 acres of woods near the common and Long Meade; and 60 acres in Rock Field[45,46,47]. ³In 1639, ³Sarah Ewer, widow, sole executrix of Thomas Ewer, deceased, bargained and sold unto Francis Willoughby of Charltowne, one dwelling house, with a garden plat, situate in the middle row, butting south and west upon the market place²[43,47,48]. Sarah either had moved or then moved to Barnstable, Barnstable co., MA, where she married Thomas Lothrop[44].
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP Sarah was admitted to the church at Charlestown on 12d:10m(December):1635/6[44] and
MARRIAGE #1 On 13 January 1623/4 when Sarah was 16, she first married Thomas EWER, in St. Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, Surrey, England[2,49,50,51,52,53,24,54,55,28,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,41]. Thomas was born in 1593 in Strood, Kent, England[2,63] and was baptized there on 10 March 1592/3[41]. He died in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA in 1638; he was 45[44,55,64]. Actually, he died sometime after 5 June 1638 -- when his name appears in the records -- and before 20 August 1638. Variations on his surname include Ewer, Ewre and Ewar. Thomas lost his first wife and all three children by her -- presumably to illness -- before he married Sarah.

CHILDREN (surnamed EWER) i. John EWER
ii. Sarah EWER
iii. Elizabeth EWER
iv. Thomas EWER

MARRIAGE #2 On 11 December 1639 when Sarah was 32, she second married Thomas LOTHROP, son of Reverend John LOTHROP & Hannah HOUSE, ³in the Bay²[2,69,70,50,71,72,73,74,51,75,76,77,53,78,79,80,81,56,82,83,84,85,86,87,88,41,89]. The Reverend John LOTHROP noted that this marriage took place between ³My son Tho[mas] and Brother Larnett¹s daughter, widow Ewer².

CHILDREN (surnamed LOTHROP) i. Mary LOTHROP Please see her own page.
ii. Hannah LOTHROP
iii. Thomas LOTHROP
iv. Melatiah LOTHROP
v. Bethiah LOTHROP

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G8) Grandmother
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