ca. 1830-?? - Alingsas, Sweden

(First Generation - Svensson Family)


BIRTH Estimating from his daughter Augusta Matilda's birth date and assuming that she and her sister are products of a typical first marriage of twenty-somthings, John and his wife Christina were probably born ca. 1830-1835.[1,3,4]
DEATH Date and details of his death are currently unknown.
RESIDENCE John and Christina lived in Alingsas, Sweden.[2,3]
MARRIAGE John married Christina (or Christine) [surname not known][1]
CHILDREN 2. i. Augusta Matilda SVENSSON Born after 24 May 1858 in Alingsas, Sweden.[1,3,4]
ii. Sophie[2,3]

GENERATION Great-great (G2) Grandfather

1. John Oscar Holst & Augusta Matilda Svenson Marriage Record, 15 November 1882, Boston, Suffolk co., MA, 1882-1883, 336, 204, 3665, Paper, Commonwealth of Masachusetts Vital Records.

2. Ella Hall Recollections given to Walter Hall in 1942. Subsequently transcribed by Heather Hall and Kristin Hall.

3. Family Notes Transcription. Notes originally in Walter K. Hallšs, Barbara M. Hallšs or Heather Hallšs hand.

4. Augusta M. Holst Death Record, 23 May 1898, Boston, Suffolk co., MA, 1898, 483, 23, 4190, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Vital Records.

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