(1475-1541/2) - Affeton, Devonshire, England; East and West Wolrington, Devonshire, England; Mewshaw, Devonshire, England; Bridgerule, Devonshire, England; Drayford, Devonshire, England; Huntshaw, Devonshire, England; Thelbridge, Devonshire, England; Studlegh, Devonshire, England; Bradford Tracy, Devonshire, England; Pyllaven, Devonshire, England

(Fifth Generation - Stuckley Family)


BIRTH Thomas was born on 24 June 1475 in Affeton, parish of West Wolrington, Devonshire, England[34], as estimated from the fact that he was aged 4 at his mother's Inquisition post mortem [Henry VII, I:558-560].
DEATH Thomas died in Affeton on 30 January 1541/2; he was 65[34].
FAMILY STATUS Thomas was the son and heir of his father, Nicholas[34].
OCCUPATION Thomas was a Knight and Sheriff of Devonshire, England in 1520-1521[34].
RESIDENCE & REAL ESTATE He held manors of Affeton, East and West Wolrington (both with advowsons), Mewshaw (with advowson), Bridgerule, Drayford, Huntshaw, Thelbridge (with advowson), Studlegh, Bradford Tracy, and Pyllaven. All were located in Devonshire, England.
LEGAL MENTION The Inquisition post mortem for Thomas Stuckley, Knt. was held on 34 Henry VIII (1542)[34].
MARRIAGE Thomas married Anne WOOD[34,35,37], daughter of Sir Thomas WOOD & Margaret DE LA MARE [LENHAM].

CHILDREN 7. i. Margery STUCKELY Please see her own page.

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G13) Grandfather twice
FAMILY NUMBER 59,738 (via Elias Maverick) and 59,994 (via Moses Maverick)
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