(circa 1668-1706/7) - Lynn, Essex co., MA

(Only Generation - [Pratt?!] Family)


BIRTH Elizabeth was born circa 1668.
DEATH Elizabeth died in Lynn, Essex co., MA on 1 March 1706/1707; she was 38. Her death is listed under "Lilley".
NAME DEBATE Her identity as Elizabeth PRATT is based on a second Torrey entry for Adam & Elizabeth which reads: "HAWKES, Gershom (Adam HAWKES) & Elizabeth [PRATT]?, dau Richard; Charlestown (probate of Richard Pratt (ms) doubtful)".

However, as you can see, this is listed as "doubtful". No other record survives which identifies her parentage. I have listed her under "Pratt" strictly for expediency.

LEGAL MENTION On 8 April 1695, Elizabeth was appointed guardian to her son, John. On 2 June 1707, John (being over 14) chose his uncle John Hawkes of Lynn, Essex co., MA as guardian.
MARRIAGE #1 Circa 1689 when Elizabeth was 21, she first married Adam HAWKES (1664), son of John HAWKES (1633) and Sarah CUSHMAN in Lynn, Essex co., MA. Torrey's entry is: "Hawks, Adam (-1694) (Gershom HAWKS)".

CHILDREN (surnamed HAWKES) i. John HAWKES (1708) Please see his own page.

MARRIAGE #2 On 15 October 1695 when Elizabeth was 27, she second married George LILLY or LIBBY, in Salem, MA.

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G7) Grandmother

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