(b. 1657) - Lynn & Salem, Essex co., MA

(Second Generation - Hood Family)


BIRTH Sarah was born on 2d:6m(August):1657 in Lynn, Essex co., MA as "Hud, Sara, d. Richard". [18,21].
HISTORY... Sarah was accused of being a witch in the Salem Witch Hysteria of 1692. She was tried at Salem on 21 May 1692[22] and imprisoned in Boston until 3 December 1692. Note that she gave birth to Joseph only 12 days after her release. She took her 22 month old child (most likely Ruth) with her to prison and named her next daughter ""Deliverance" in honor of her freedom. In 1693, she was recompensed £9 for her experience. This is discussed in detail in her father-in-law's & husband's pages.

The Case of Sarah Bassett

Indictment v. Sarah Bassett

Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England Essex \ Ano RR & Reginae Gulielmi & Mariare Angliae &c Quarto Anoq'e\Dom. 1692.

The Jurors for o'r Sov'r lord & Lady the King & Queen pr'sent The Sarah Bassett wife of William Bassett of Lyn in the County of Essex aforesaid Upon or about the 23'rd day of May last Anno: 1692 aforsaid

And Divers other Days & Times as well before as after Certaine Detestable Arts Called Witchcraft & Sorceries Wickedly Mallitiously & felloniously hath used practised & Exercised at & in the Towne of Salem, in the County of Essex aforesaid Upon & Against One Mary Walcott of Salem Single Woman By Which Wicked Arts The Said Mary Walcott is Tortured aflicted Tormented Consumed Wasted & Pined the Day & yeare aforesaid & Divers other Days & times as well before as Contrary to the peace of o'r Sov'r lord & lady the King & Queen their Crowne & Dignity & the Laws in that Case made & provided.

Ann Putnam
Marcy Lewis
Ignoramus [sic]
Robert Payne foreman
Salem Court 3 January 1693[23,24]

MARRIAGE On 25 October 1675 when Sarah was 18, she married William BASSETT Jr., son of William BASSETT Sr. & Sarah [surname not known], in Lynn, Essex co., MA[9,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35].

ii. William BASSETT, III
iii. Mary BASSETT
iv. John BASSETT Please see his own page.
v. Hannah BASSETT
vi. Ruth BASSETT
vii. Joseph BASSETT
viii. Deliverance BASSETT
ix. Abigail BASSETT

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G8) Grandmother
SOURCES 1. Edward Carroll Death Record, 19 October 1899, Lynn, Essex co., MA, 1866, 192, p. 186, #337.

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