Elizabeth2 FLOOD

(ca. 1626-after 1661) - Stepney, Middlesex, England; Chreechurch, London, England; Dorchester, Suffolk co., MA; Lynn, Essex co., MA

(Second Generation - Flood Family)

Joseph FLOOD

BIRTH Elizabeth2 was born ca. 1626 in England.
MIGRATION She emigrated from England to America with her parents and brothers aboard the Abigail on 29 June 1635. The ship's manifest lists her aged 9[2,4,6,26].
NOTES Anderson, et. al. assert that nothing more is known of Elizabeth after her emigration with her family[8]. Broderick postulates that, while Thomas' "...wife is never mentioned by her Christian name in any of the records..."[3], the facts that: (1) Elizabeth Coates was an ardent Quaker and brought before the Essex Quarterly Court on the same day as Joseph and Jane Flood for that faith[3,9]; (2) Thomas and Elizabeth named their first two children "...Jane and Elizabeth, perhaps after their maternal grandmother and mother, respectively..."[10]; (3) that Thomas Coates appears to have been either an heir or executor (in addition to Odediah Flood, Elizabeth's brother) of Joseph Flood's estate[3]; and (4) Torrey[4] cites that Thomas' wife possibly had the last name of Flood; all point to Elizabeth Flood being the wife of Thomas Coates.
RESIDENCES & REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS Elizabeth was "of Dorchester/Lynn" on her marriage record.
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP The Floods were ardent Quakers even in the face of the Puritan bias against that faith. In fact, in the May 1646 Quarterly Court Session at Salem, Elizabeth herself was admonished "for saying publicly and disturbing those who sat near when Mr. Cobbet was preaching (on Infant Baptism) on a Sabath that Christ was circumcized on the eighth day and that then he was not baptized."[3] While Thomas' dedication to the Quaker faith has not been recorded, he stood by his wife and her family during their troubles with their Puritan neighbors.
MARRIAGE By 1646, when Elizabeth2 was 20, she married Thomas COATES[27,28], in Lynn, Essex co., MA[25,29,30,19].

CHILDREN (surname COATES) i. Jane COATES Born ca. 1653.
ii. Elizabeth COATES Born ca. 1655.
iii. James COATES Born ca. 1657.
iv. John COATES Please see his own page.
v. Thomas COATES Born ca. 1661 and died in 1709.

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G8) Grandmother
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