(circa 1538 - 1585/6) - Hawkhurst & Rolvendon, Kent, England

(Third Generation - Cushman Family)


BIRTH & DEATH Thomas was born circa 1538 in Rolvenden, Kent, England and was buried on 14 February 1585/6 in Rolvenden, Kent, England[3] as "Thomas Cowchman householder buried 14 February".
OCCUPATION & RESIDENCES Thomas was a Husbandman and was called a Householder at the time of his death[3]. In a deposition dated 25 September 1578, Thomas Cowchman of the parish of Rolvenden [co. Kent], having lived there twelve years and before that in the parish of Hawkhurst, aged forty years. (Depositions at Canterbury, 1578)[3] However, there are no Cushman records at Hawkhurst.
ESTATE Thomas' will was written on 10 February 1585/6 and was proven on 12 February 1589/90 by his executrix (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, volume 47, folio 276).

The Will of Thomas Cushman

"To be buried in the churchyard on Rolvinden. To the poor men's box of Rolvinden 2s. To my son Rychard Couchman £10 at the age of one and twenty years. To me younger son Robarte Couchman £10 at the age of one and twenty years. To my daughter Sylvester Couchman £6 13s. 4d. at the age of twenty years or day of marriage. If any of my said children die under age, reversion to the survivors. To my godchild Thomas Bredman 12d. To my godchildren Thomas Colye, Thomas Gabriell, Marion Hasleman, and Jone Couchman a sheep each. If my wife Ellen shall marry again before my children have received their portions, then her husband shall five security to Robert Gybbon for hte payment of the said portions, and if he will not, then my wife shall pay unto the said Robert Gibbon the said portions, and he shall lay it out for the use and profit of my said children, until they be of age to receive it. Residuary legatee and executrix: my wife Ellen. Overseer: Robarte Gibbon. [Signed] Signum Thome Couchman. Witnesses: Robart Gibbon, Leonard Wylson, and Symon Lingen. Proved 12 May 1589 [1589/90] by the executrix." (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 46, fo. 120.)[3]
MARRIAGE On 18 July 1568 when Thomas was 30, he married Elinor HUBBARD, in Rolvenden, co. Kent, England[3]. Their marriage record is in the Archdeacons' Transcripts of the Parish Registers of Rolvenden, co. Kent, 1560-1612: "1568: July The same Day agayn [xviij] was maryid Thomas Cuchiman and Elynour hubbarde maydin."[3]

CHILDREN 7. i. Alys CUSHMAN Alys was born in 1572 in Rolvenden, Kent, England and died in Rolvenden, Kent, England in 1574; she was 2. She was buried on 9 May 1574 in Rolvenden, Kent, England as "Alys daughter of Thomas Cutchiman"[3]. Alys was baptized in Rolvenden, Kent, England on 20 April 1572 as "Alys daughter of Thomas Cutchman"[3].
8. ii. Sylvester CUSHMAN She was born in 1574 in Rolvenden, Kent, England and was baptized in there on 30 October 1574 as "Sylvister daughter of Thomas Cutchiman"[3]. On 7 November 1593 when Sylvester was 19, she married Stephen EVERENDEN, in Rolvenden, co. Kent, England[4]. Stephen was a Broadweaver[4].
9. iii. Robert CUSHMAN Please see his own page.
10. iv. Margaret CUSHMAN Margaret was born in 1582 in Rolvenden, Kent, England and died in Rolvenden, Kent, England in 1583/4; she was 1. She was buried on 5 February 1583/4 in Rolvenden, Kent, England as "Margaret daughter of Thomas Cuchman"[3]. Margaret was baptized in Rolvenden, Kent, England on 25 March 1582 as "Margaret daughter of Thomas Cuchman"[3].
11. iv. Henry CUSHMAN Henry was born in 1584 in Rolvenden, Kent, England and died in Rolvenden, Kent, England in 1585; he was 1. He was buried on 11 April 1585 in Rolvenden, Kent, England as "Henry son of Thomas Cowchman"[3]. Henry was baptized in Rolvenden, Kent, England on 26 July 1584 as "Henry son of Thomas Cowchman"[3].

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G11) Grandfather
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