(ca. 1629-1694) - Portsmouth, Rockingham co., NH

(First Generation - Brooklin Family)


BIRTH William was born circa 1629[6]
DEATH He died in 1694; he was 65[5,6].
RESIDENCE William was a resident of Portsmouth, Rockingham co., NH[14].
POSSIBLE FAMILY By extrapolating information in Torrey, it is possible that William is a son or a brother of Henry BROOKINGS who married a woman about whom we know nothing on the Isle of Shoals, Rockingham co., NH by 1629 or by 1641. If they married in 1629, William is likely a son. If they married in 1641, William is likely a brother of Henry. This is not yet supported by solid facts and should not yet be cited as anything more than the speculation it is.
ESTATE Administration on his estate was granted on 26 November 1694[5].
MARRIAGE Before 1660 he married Mary WALFORD[1,2], daughter of Thomas WALFORD and Jane [surname not known], in Portsmouth, Rockingham co., NH[6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13]. Robert Anderson says that they married "by about 1659". All five of their daughters were still living in 1703[5]. After 1695 when Mary was 61, she second married William WALKER[1], in Portsmouth, Rockingham co., NH[3,6,15,9,16,17].

CHILDREN 2. i. Rebecca BROOKLIN Rebecca married Thomas PUMMERY sometime before 1679[5]. She had three more husbands after him[5].
3. ii. Mary BROOKLIN Mary married Thomas LUCY.
4. iii. Sarah BROOKLIN Please see her own page.
5. iv. Martha BROOKLIN Martha first married John LEWIS and second married [not known] RENDELL.
6. v. [not known] BROOKLIN She married John ROUS.

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G9) Grandfather
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