#40;mid to late 1500s) - Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England

(First Generation - Scales Family)


ALL WE KNOW We know nothing of this couple, save their children. His name might have been "Richard", given that his son Andrew named his first son "Richard" and saved his own name for the next two boys. However, this is sheer speculation on my part.

CHILDREN 2. i. Andrew BOARDMAN Please see his own page.
3. ii. Giles BOARDMAN On 28 September, 40 Elizabeth (1598), Giles Bordman was on the Lay Subsidy Roll of Cambridge Town, the Market Ward. His record reads: "Giles Bordman in goods [valuation] £3 [tax] 8d."[10]. He was also of the parish of All Saints, Cambridgeshire, England[1]. Giles married Elizabeth [surname not known].

"The Will of Giles Boadman of Cambridge in the diocese of Ely, dated 28 September 1604. To Be buried in the Church of All Hallows, Cambridge. To my wife Elizabeth, £100, the lease of the house I now dwell in, with all the household stuff, etc., and my tenement, messuage, burgage, or cottage, with the croft adjoining, in Ickleton, in Green Street there, in the county of Cambridge. All the rest of my goods to Robert Browne and Andrew Boadman, my brothers, whome I make executors. Proved 17 October 1604, by Robert Browne, one of the executors, with power reserved to grant a commission to Andrew Boadman, the other executor, etc. (P.C.C., Harte, 81)

[Adapted from the abstract of the will of Giles Boadman published in NEHGR 49:496-7 and reprinted in Waters' Genealogical Gleanings in England 2:1076]"[12]

4. iii. Helline BOARDMAN Helline died before 22 January 1617. Her first name is also spelled Helline, Hellliner and Eleanor in various records. She was of the parish of St. Benedict, Cambridgeshire, England[1].

"The Will of Helline [afterwards written Helliner] Browne of Cambridge, co., Cambridge, widow, dated 11 November 1616. To Robert Browne by son, besides the house which his father gave to him by will, £200, to be paid to Mr. Oliver Grenough of Nanby in Lincolnshire within three years after my decease, to the use of my said son Robert. To my son Andrew Browne £200, over and above the £100 fiven him by his father to be paid [as above] within two years after my decease. To my son Samuel [a similar bequest]. The said Oliver Grenough is to be "gardenier" unto my said three children. To my sons John and William Browne, to each £200, to be paid within six years after my decease. To my brother Andrewe Bordeman £5. To Thomas Jury £5. To Alice Foote, wife of ____ Foote one of my best gowns. To the poor at Bennett paris [the parish of St. Benedict] in Cambridge 20s., at the day of my burial. To him that shall preach for me at my funeral 10s. All the rest of my goods unbequeathed I give unto Mr. John Jackesonne and Mr. Robert Birder, my sons-in-law, whom I make executors. Witnesses: Andrew Boardman and Thomas Jewrie. Proved 22 January 1616/7, the executors named in the will renouncing and commission being issued to John Atkinson and Thomas Jewrie. (P.C.C., Weldon 3)

[Adapted from the abstract of the will of Helline Browne published in NEHGR 49:497 and reprinted in Waters' "Genealogical Gleanings in England" 2:1076-7]"[4]

Before 28 September 1604 Helline married Robert BROWNE[1], who died before 11 November 1616.

They had the following children (surnamed BROWNE):
i. Robert BROWNE
ii. Andrew BROWNE
iii. Samuel BROWNE
iv. John BROWNE
v. William BROWNE
vi. [not known daughter] BROWNE married John JACKESONNE.
vii. [not known daughter] BROWNE married Robert BIRDER.

GENERATION Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (G10) Grandfather
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