You Can't Kill Rock And Roll

Words & Music:

Bob Daisley, Ozzy Osbourne & Randy Rhoads


This is fully transcribed in the March 2002 issue of Guitar World.



How many times can they fill me with lies?

A                   B

And I listen again, twisting the truth.


And they're playin' around with my head, okay.


The things they will do and the things they will say.


But, they don't really understand.

B                                                    A

Tears fill my eyes when I hear all the cries for the reason today.



        G                  A                 B

And they don't really know even what they're talkin' about.

      G                A                 B

And I can't image what empty heads can achieve.



B        D   E                  B           A

Leave me alone, don't want your promises no more.

B           D E                  B5      A

'Cause rock & roll is my religion and my law.


Won't ever change, may think it's strange.

Bm             D    A       G         D  F#   F#sus4   B  A  B   A

You can't kill rock & roll, it's here to stay


Lookin' through eyes of time.  Mirrors reflecting their stories untrue.

Promises, promises, telling me all of my glories overdue.

How many times have I heard it before?

And I'll probably hear it again.

King of a thousand knights, pawn in a table light, losing to you.





Even the rhymes that they give me in times of confession ain't true

Outcome is obvious.  All for them, none for us.  Meaning you, too.

The things they will do and the things they will say

When they don't really understand.

Fear of rejection, I need their protection.  I'm making a stand.



CHORUS:  [2x]

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