Highway Star

Words & Music:

Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover,

Jon Lord & Ian Paice (Deep Purple)


This tab is from the terrific Deep Purple fan site thehighwaystar.com.  There is a full transcription in G in a 1999 issue of Guitar World and a full transcription in F in the November 2006 issue of Guitar One.  I've chosen G simply because it is easier.


Chord Voicings:

G  = 3 5 x x x x     C = x 3 5 x x x      Bb = x 1 3 x x x     F5 = 1 3 x x x x


INTRO:   [1 measure each]

   G5   Fsus2/G  C/G    Fsus2/G    G5   Fsus2/G    G5     G5








G5 [4m. of eighth notes]    Then:

E|-------|                E|------------------------|----------------|

B|-------|                B|------------------------|----------------|

G|-------|                G|--3-------3-----3-----3-|---3----3-------|

D|---5---|                D|--3---5---3--5--3--5--3-|-5-3--5-3----5--|

A|---5---|                A|------5------5-----5----|-5----5------5--|

E|---3---|                E|------------------------|----------------|


F5 G5                                                 Bb5 G C5 G Bb5

   Nobody gonna take my car, I'm gonna race it to the ground.

Nobody gonna beat my car, it's gonna break the speed of sound.

F5                                             F5  F5/E  F5/Eb

Ooh, it's a killin' machine, it's got everything:


Like a drivin' power, big fat tires and everything!



RIFF over Am7:





I love it!  And I need it!  I bleed it!  Yeah, it's a wild hurricane!



   C   D        C     D       C     D    F    G    A




   All  right!  Hold  tight!  I'm   a    high-way star!


Nobody gonna take my girl, I'm gonna keep her 'til the end.

Nobody gonna have my girl, she stays close on every bend.

Ooh, she's a killin' machine, she's got everything!

Like a movin' mouth, body control and everything.

I love her!  I need her!  I seed her!  Yeah, she turns me on!




Nobody gonna take my head, I got speed inside my brain.

Noboby gonna steal my head now that I'm on the road again.

Ooh, I'm in heaven again, I got everything.

Like a movin' ground, an open road and everything!

I love it!  I need it!  I seed it!  Eight cylinders, all mine!






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