Love, Reign O'er Me

Words & Music:

Peter Townshend


This is from the 1973 album "Quadrophenia" and is fully transcribed in the November/December 2008 issue of Guitar Edge.  The original guitars were tuned down one-half step (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb), then one capoed II, while the other was uncapoed (thus playing in different keys - giving the song an interesting sense of tonality).  I'm putting it in the D-ish version.


     Dsus4/D                           C(add9)

Only love can make it rain the way the beach is kissed by the sea.

     Dsus4/D                                 C(add9)

Only love can make it rain like the sweat of lovers laying in the fields.



Dm  Dsus2  Dm  Dsus2  Dm  Dsus2  Dm    Dsus2  Bb    Gm7

Love---------------------------, reign o'er-- me.

Dm    Dsus2   Dm    Dsus2  Bb          Gm7          A7sus4  A7

Love--------, reign o'er-- me, rain on me.  Rain on me.


Only love can bring the rain that makes you yearn to the sky.

Only love can bring the rain that falls like tears from on high.



Dm    Dsus2   Dm    Dsus2  Bb                   Gm7

Love--------, reign o'er-- me, reign o'er-- me, reign o'er me.

Dm    Dsus2  Dm    Dsus2  Bb                   Gm7    A7sus4   A7

Love--------,reign o'er-- me, rain on me, rain on me-------------.




On the dry and dusty road, the nights we spend apart alone.

F                          D          G/D  A/D  G/D

I need to get back home to cool, cool rain.


I can't sleep and I lay and I think; the night is hot and black as ink.

F                                 D          G/D   A/D   G/D

Woo!  Oh, God, I need a drink of cool, cool rain.



F    |  D  G/D  A/D  G/D  | F    | D  G/D  A/D  G/D  |

Dsus4   C(add9)   Dsus4   C(add9) 


CHORUS:  [with much vocal embellishment]


OUTRO:  [after A7 chord, go to Dm and out]

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